Things to Look Forward to

by angel
July 9th, 2009
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Dear Candy Girls,

So lately we’ve been posting about things that have been happening to us and making us happy. Well, now that half a year has gone (so fast!), allow me to share some of the things I’m looking forward to for the latter half of this year.

Candy Planning Session at Thunderbird Resort

If you don’t see any updates on our blog next Monday and Tuesday, don’t fret. It’s because we’ll be very busy planning your Candy issues for 2010! It won’t be all work and no play, of course. I’m pretty sure we’ll be playing games, singing songs at the top of our lungs (I hope our driver is Mang Roger who has a videoke in his car!), gossiping till dawn, and just plain having fun!

US Trip in July

Yes, that’s right! I’m actually leaving for the US with my mom and sister next Wednesday, right after our planning! I’m so happy our US Visa was approved. The last time I went to the US was right after I graduated from high school—too long ago, don’t ask me when. Haha! I’ll only be there two weeks but it will be a jam-packed trip. I’m attending a double wedding in LA, partying in Hollywood (my cousins promised they’d take us. I hope we see celebs! Haha!), going to Las Vegas, and visiting one of my best friends in Chicago. Will definitely post pics when I get back. :))

CDO-Camiguin Trip in August

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This trip is not confirmed yet, but one of my friends from college is organizing it. I really hope it pushes through because I’d love to go whitewater rafting in CDO and visit the island with seven volcanoes again! This is my way of telling the universe to help us make it happen! Hehe. But if it’s not meant to be, well, there’s also the Lady Gaga concert to look forward to!

Candy Fair in September

Here we are with Sam Concepcion at last year’s Candy fair. I wonder what surprises this year’s fair will bring? One thing I know for sure: it will be filled with the cutest Candy cuties! So be sure to buy the September issue (your ticket to the fair) as soon as it hits the stands! :D

International Marathon in October

There are two exciting races scheduled for October: the Subic International Marathon and the Quezon City International Marathon. I haven’t decided which one to join yet but both look very promising! I’m hoping to do another 21-km run and improve my time. I guess this means I should take my training up a notch—after my trip to the US, that is. Haha!

Trip to Bali, Indonesia in November

photo from

Another trip that is still in the planning stage. I plan to go with my close friends from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. I haven’t seen some of them in a really long time so I’m really praying this trip pushes through (and saving money too!). Help me, universe!

Here’s something else to look forward to in November: New Moon! Go Team Jacob!!! :))


A Wedding in December

Since Mia already blogged about it a few days ago… yes! We are all very excited for her upcoming wedding! We all think she and her guy Patrick have the sweetest story (they met in high school!) and we’re all looking forward to seeing Mia walk down the aisle and get her happy ending (or happy beginning, depending on how you look at it). ;)

So I guess that’s it. What are you looking forward to in the coming months? 8-}

Always counting my blessings,
Angel O:)

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12 Responses to “Things to Look Forward to”

  1. Cyndrill

    I’m really looking forward to this year’s CANDY FAIR! smells so much fun!!!:)

  2. joy

    hope sam still tops this year’s candy cuties. :)

    oh and enjoy on your trip!!

  3. mimi

    WOOHOO! I’m getting excited just reading your blog. I hope all your trips push through so you can advice me on where to go next. :)

  4. marla

    Go, Team Jacob! Seezling hat! HAHAHA. (Syempre lalake-related pa rin comment ko.)

  5. mimi

    HAHAHA! Marla talaga… But I have to agree! Just look at his pelvic cuts! Swoon.

  6. shobe

    hi…been wondering why Candy video screen is jammed up… me and my friends don’t get to enjoy a full screen.. we are always excited to watch what happens behind the scenes!!! Please do something…Thanks!

  7. shobe


  8. angel

    Cyndrill, yes it’ll be fun for sure!

    Joy, just keep voting Sam and he might top the list again! Thanks!

    Mim, thanks! Will do!!!

    Marley, HAHAHA!!!

    Shobe, glad to know that! ;)

  9. Mia

    Ey, Angel! Hope you’re having a blast in LA as I type this. We miss you! :)

  10. Angel

    hi. i would like to inquire regarding the candy fair? would there be a bazaar? =) i would like to rent a space sana =) hope to hear from you guys. thanks! =)

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    The first prize in the 42.19 km event for the top male and female runners is USD 5000 each (same as the Boston Marathon). The other races scheduled for the weekend will include the 3k, 5k, 10k, and 21k events.

    To register via SMS (for SMART & Talk N’ Text Subscribers only):

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