My Life in Lists

by macy
May 28th, 2008
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When I run out of things to write about, a surefire way to get my hands typing is to start a list. I love making lists—wish lists, favorites, to-do lists, any kind of list! So today, I shall give you a random list of things that happened to me the past few days.

  1. Got interviewed because of the exhibit at Team Manila. Steph was my dutiful buddy, documenting every single thing (I swear, I keep laughing when I watch the numerous video clips she took of me!). Thanks, Stephie! :)
  2. Went to the beach with my other department (I’m half-Candy, half-Digital, in case you didn’t already know!). It was an awesome two-day trip.
  3. Met up with my friends from my old workplace for dinner at one of our favorite places to eat in when we were still working there. Whenever I go back there, I wonder what did I ever see in that place that I liked so much? But when the sisig and the calamares come out, I remember why. :)
  4. Finished 4 rolls of film and I’m waiting for my CD from Digiprint. Can’t wait to see my pictures! :D
  5. Packed up all my stuff into a tiny box ready for transfer to our new office! We’ve been waiting for this for a month or so, and it’s actually happening. Next week, I will be seated in a brand new seat with a fancy new work space with magnetic boards!
  6. Watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. I stopped being a fan after Burke left the show (it just wasn’t the same!), but in the middle of this season, things finally started picking up! And well, what do you know, I’m no MerDer fan, but the finale was one for the books. :) Have you watched it? What did you think of the MerDer scene at the end? :)
  7. Looking forward to another beach trip this weekend, finishing the fourth and final book of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (thanks for lending your book to me, Stephie!), and baking some muffins. ;)

How about you? Why don’t you make a list, too? :)

Macy :macy:

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2 Responses to “My Life in Lists”

  1. Ayessa

    Miss Macy, I also think Grey’s Anatomy will never be the same again without Burke — so I stopped watching it. Hahaha. :)

  2. ** jei.

    good idea. :) making a list. hahaha! love it.

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