Child Performers

by macy
April 23rd, 2008
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As a child, I grew up being made to perform in front of my parents’ friends and our relatives. At four years old, my mom dressed me up in this frilly dress and made me learn how to dance to Lambada. Hahaha! Imagine a tiny girl swinging her hips to a song she doesn’t even understand. When I learned how to memorize songs, my mom bought me a multiplex (!!!) of One Moment In Time and that became my performance piece for family gatherings (I think I still have the tape at home. Haha!). When I grew older, I took piano lessons and tried to perform for parties at home (my brother was much better than I was, though.). I still try to play sometimes, but I haven’t had much time.

So, it’s no surprise that I get thrilled when I watch kids perform. There’s this different energy about them. You don’t see them getting frazzled or over-thinking themselves. They just take the stage and make it seem like play time.

I’m sharing two precious videos of kids performing. I love that both are ten-year-olds, but are singing jazz standards. Haha!

Meet Sam Scott, a cute ten-year-old who not only sings jazz standards, but plays them on the guitar as well! She’s a-mazing!

And this clip, I recently saw thanks to a good friend of mine (who also showed me Sam Scott before). Charlie Green is the half-Pinoy who was on Britain’s Got Talent and wow-ed the judges. I love the way he moves like a lolo. Hee.

Have you seen any child performers lately? Care to share? :)

Feeling childlike,
Macy :macy:

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2 Responses to “Child Performers”

  1. Angel

    OMG, my cousins and I were always made to perform too! Get this, our last performance was when I was 14 years old! There were 5 of us and we sang and danced to spice girls’ “Who do you think you are?” during my lola’s 70th birthday with costumes and everything. Oh and two of my cousins are boys so you can imagine how hilarious that was! I still have the VHS at home. hahaha!

    p.s. Sam and Charlie are adorable!!!

  2. Ayessa

    Hehe. Miss Macy, pareho tayo. May mom enrolled me to piano lessons, but I grew tired so it just lasted for a year. And, and we have lots of multiplex at home. Waaah! Haha. (:

    Child performers are amazing, Miss Macy! I mean, they won’t complain even if they’d wear something that looks funny and they are always on performance level even in little gatherings. Hehe! (:

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