Practicum Paradise!

by guest
April 18th, 2008
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Hi, fellow Candy girls! Micah here from the Council of Cool 8 – ah, but this isn’t a post about Council duties. I’m going to rave about my first week as a Candy intern! =D Yep, and it’s really been a blast! Even though I only report in the afternoons (I’ve got class in the morning, ugh!), I surely don’t miss out on the work fun!

Here’s how my week looked like:
Monday – There wasn’t much to do because all the staff computers were away for maintenance, so I wiped and sorted stuff to be moved (soon!) to the new Candy HQ.
Tuesday – Ate Angel and Ate Marla brought me along on a situation shoot – that means we shot those photos that accompany articles.
Wednesday – I got to sit in at the staff’s editorial meeting, where they brainstorm and decide on the articles that will come out in the next issue we’re preparing. I also got to meet Amanda and Jenny, the gal pals who won the Clean and Clear contest and are now interning at Candy for 15 days as their prize!
Thursday – Amanda, Jenny and I assisted Ate Margaux in a fashion shoot, and Ate Macy and Ate Roch in a simultaneous shoot. It was a pretty long day, but it was fun!
Today, Friday – I tagged along with Ate Marla and Ate Macy on a Candy Bites shoot. Let’s just say it was a tasty experience! Oh, and guess what – Miggy Chavez was sitting right beside me half an hour ago! (Cue your jealous squeals! Haha!) Finally, the monthly Council meeting is in, let’s see, 30 minutes! Whew, what a fab Friday!

Want to know other things I love about interning with Candy?

1. My bosses, our dear Candy editors, are such fantastic women – oh but you already knew that!
2. I’m not a call center agent or a barista here! ;) The staff make sure I get a great learning experience out of my practicum.
3. When nature calls, I enter a door marked Babes! Who knew a bathroom door could be such a picker-upper? ;p (The gents’ room is marked Hunks!)
4. When I’m sent on errands around the office, I pass by the desks of all the Summit editors whose names I’ve just until now been seeing in the magazines! I get a bit starstruck! Haha.

But what I love most of all is that I’m a Candy intern, period. As a COC 8 member and an intern, I’m proud to be working with and for a magazine that I believe in, that I love (that we love!). That makes my Candy duties a gazillion times more worthwhile!

So, dearies, I hope you are all having a blast this summer, whether you’re doing your practicum, attending summer class, catching up with old friends, or just getting R&R. Hmm, so which one is it? Do comment to let us know what you’re currently up to! =)

A Candy girl through and through,
Micah =)

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10 Responses to “Practicum Paradise!”

  1. marla

    Aww. Nice entry, Micah! :) You should blog more often. (Preferably on days when I’m supposed to blog. Hehe.)

  2. mheems

    Congrats on the internship Micah!

  3. Bea

    Hey Micah, :)

    Yay! :) I love how perky you are, haha! I know, the atmosphere in Candy is really awesome! hehe! ;)

    You know naman, lately I’ve been exposed to religous stuff. haha! I can’t be perky especially with the prayer I recorded! (Sorry, Im really not telling anyone talaga when it’ll be aired!) haha! :)

    Funny nga the signs for the restrooms! hehe! :) Enjoy your inetrnship Micah! :)
    Tell us about your experiences pa, we’re excited for you. hehe! :)

    See you next week! :) Congrats again. (treat?) haha!

  4. Crissy A.

    MICAH! yeeee. i love it. ;)
    awesome post! Keep em’ coming. haha

  5. Nicole

    Wow that’s so cool! I actually want to intern there but right now I’m interning at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

  6. Mimi

    Nooo. Choose me. Hahaha!

    Just kidding Micah. :) Glad your first week was fun!

  7. jelyn

    aww, that sounds fun! i wish i could be an intern too. i really need to spice my summer up, hmmm.

  8. Dyan

    Nice! Yeah, the Babes and Hunks bathrooms are great. Did you know our office is named Hutch? Hehe. Anyway, text lang if you want to have lunch or dinner :)

  9. Micah

    Thanks for the comments, guys! I really appreciate them.
    Ate Marla and Ate Mimi, thanks for taking care of us interns!
    My Council girls, you’re all so sweet! Thanks and see you soon! Yay! :)
    Nicole, ooh, PDI! Hehe, I’m a Journalism major kasi! :D
    Jelyn, hehe, there are lots of ways to spice up your summer! Hope you find one soon! :)
    Dyan, thanks! Yeah I know! The office is so fun! Hehe. Lunch or dinner soon! :)

  10. Dyan

    Haha finally had that lunch together. Better talaga ang spontaneous kesa planned. :D

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