Growing Up

by marla
March 25th, 2008
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My little bro Macu celebrated his ninth birthday two weeks ago (Yep, he was born in the same year and month Candy was!). It got me thinking how fast he seems to be growing up—I remember carrying him around the house when he was a tiny baby, and now he's actually big enough to carry ME! Haha! Macu has been the youngest in our family for so long, and he's used to being asked to do silly things all the time (pose as Kung Fu Panda, dress up as a pirate for Halloween and speak like one all day, air-guitar to Metro Station—and yes, all of these are my ideas). He's always game to sing or dance for you, and he gives the most amazing hugs (the Candy team can attest to this). Plus, he's almost always cheerful, and always says hilarious stuff out of nowhere. He's quite a prankster too: Last week, he put a fake snake on my tummy while I was sleeping, just because he was hungry and wanted me to wake up so we can have breakfast together. He's a Big Boy now (and a very smart one), but he'll always be our baby. Enjoy being nine years old, MacuBacu! We luuurve you! :)

2004 and 2008. I love that photo of him in is trunks! Hehe.

Big Sister,

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3 Responses to “Growing Up”

  1. roch

    HAHAHA! Macu’s all grown up now. The time will come na when he will refuse to kiss you in public haha! :D

  2. roreyn

    i remember my brother pao tuloy. oh how i miss him. i wish his here beside me. he’s now 11 yrs. old now. he’s the sweet little boy who hugs and kiss me everytime i would go home for vacation.

  3. Mimi

    SOOOOOO cute. Hopefully, he’ll still give the best bear hugs when he’s all grown up.

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