Happiness is…

by macy
February 21st, 2008
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The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this memo on their blogs.

  1. My daddy and his successful quest for new shoes.
  2. Spending time with my three brothers.
  3. Watching an awesome movie on Valentine's day with a few of my friends and a bucket of barbecue popcorn.
  4. Ordering stuff (skimmers, sandals, lomo cameras!) that will arrive in April. I bet I'll forget all about it and I'll be surprised to get them then.
  5. Cupcakes!!! <3
  6. Free film for my growing stash. My lomo cams will be happy.
  7. A cute pink tumbler from my best friend to replace my water bottle that was just a corporate giveaway. Ha ha!
  8. New music to listen to on my way to work, at work, and going home. Currently obsessing over Juno's OST and Kate Nash's "Merry Happy."
  9. Chatting with my cousins from Canada before they go to school just when I'm about to go home.
  10. Getting to talk to my mom any time of the day.

What about you, Candy girls? What has made you happy recently? I'm tagging all of you! ;)

Happiness is a choice,

Don't forget to log on to ChitChat tomorrow at 7pm to get a chance to talk with our Jan-Feb 2008 cover girl Cheska Ortega! It's going to be fun!

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5 Responses to “Happiness is…”

  1. roreyn

    1. talking to my mo. (she’s in Singapore right now)
    2. knowing that my sister is now cured ( she had leukemia for 10 years)
    3. being with the coolest people on earth! ( my friends in school!)
    4. watching the latest flick. (juno is so great)
    5. chatting with my friends.
    6. taking pictures
    7. preparing for our RAGE
    8. seeing someone special
    9. listening to new musics
    10. knowing that my crush also likes me.. hehehe♥

  2. Ayessa

    Happiness is…

    knowing that there are 10 people in this world who unconditionally love you. :)

  3. NEX

    I thought Marco Alcaraz is also your bro :))

  4. abby


    WoW, lotsa film! I am just saving up to buy my own lomo cam. Where is a good place to get film?

  5. macy

    NEX: He’s my cousin. :)

    abby: Team Manila sells Agfa film. But you can also go to Manila or Quiapo to check out the film stash there. I hear it’s really cheap! Haven’t gone there to check out the film yet, though. :p

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