The Bucket List

by marla
February 11th, 2008
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Two weeks ago, Macy, Angel, Angel's boy Roland, and I were invited to watch the premiere of the The Bucket List. (Thanks, Jay of WB!) We were supposed to see PS I Love You with Roch earlier that day, but when we learned about the Bucket List tickets, we decided seeing two tear-jerkers in one day would be a bad idea. And we were right. I have a feeling this movie's title is supposed to be a warning that watching it will cause you to cry buckets. Haha! Macy, Angel, and I emerged from the theater with swollen eyes, laughing about how we had all been trying to wipe away our tears without being noticed by each other, to no avail. (Roland didn't cry—such a boy! Hehe.)

Starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, The Bucket List is about two men (mechanic Carter Chambers and billionaire Edward Cole), their newfound friendship, and their journey in preparing for—and eventually making peace with—the end of their stay on Earth. Their bucket list, or things they plan to do before they "kick the bucket" includes skydiving, kissing the most beautiful girl in the world, and witnessing something majestic. I am still working on my own list, but off the top of my head, it would definitely have to include: hug a penguin, watch Mika, Dashboard Confessional, or Panic! At the Disco perform live, go on a major out-of-the-country trip with my best girlfriends, fall madly in love with someone who will fall madly in love with me too, go on a real first date (yes, I've never been on A Real One), meet literary genius Haruki Murakami (and maybe steal some of his brilliance, haha), write something that will make me laugh and cry every single time I read it, study Special Education, put up a foundation that will truly make a difference, and build a beautiful family.

But because I believe great things start from small beginnings (you got that right, Milo!), for now, I will find happiness and contentment in life's simple pleasures: watching the sunrise, walking in the rain, hugging my lil bro, hearing my favorite song, making my friends laugh, taking time out for myself, and enjoying the company of people I love. 

How about you, Candy girls? What would be in your Bucket List? ;)

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine week,

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6 Responses to “The Bucket List”

  1. roch

    Cheers, Marla! Here’s to a real first date (me too haha!) and finding the perfect man for us.. mwah!

  2. Bea

    I watched it a while ago with 2 of my best college buds. Kath and I cried until we were the last to go out of the theater. haha! Such a touching movie! But then our other pal, didn’t cry because she strongly hides her emotions talaga. hehe! But she said she loved the movie naman!

    We kept on talking about our bucket lists and I realized first on my list would have to be something similar to yours: FALL IN LOVE! :) hehe!

    Travelling around the Philippines then the world would really be great too! How I wish I have an airplane just like Jack Nicholson. hehe!

    I want to skydive too; Be thrown into the air ala cheerleader in a pyramid; Drive a race car; Own a business; Have an article published in a broadsheet; Host a big event/show; watch a movie alone (im really scared to do so); have something named after me (ala Mandy Moore in a walk to remember. hehe)

    Meet Wesley Gonzales(babaw ba? hehe!); Penn Badgely, Chad Michael Murray, Channing Tatum :)

    And I want to conquer my fear of cats!!! haha!

    These are just some of the things on my list. haha! A lot more meaningful stuff are included. :) hehe!

    Ate Roch: Lemme join, CHEERS! I haven’t had a real first date too and I’m hoping to find the perfect man for me too! :) hehe!

  3. Mel B.

    Marla! I was really moved by your entry. *Sniff*

    It inspired me to complete my list finally (which also includes falling in love for REAL, traveling, having my own business, taking a vacation abroad with my girlfriends as well, taking my MA, etc.), and to do little steps in order to achieve them.

    I can’t wait to see the movie. I’m sure I’ll be crying too. Haha. :D

  4. san

    marla! i haven’t seen the movie! hahaha! :)) hindi tuloy maka-relate. and what’s this about first A Real One date? :p

  5. marla

    Bea and Mel: Good luck with your lists. :)

    San: I’ve never had a real first date. All the dates I’ve had are either with a boyfriend na (so technically, hindi na first date), or disguised as “hanging out” and never actually defined as a real date. Hehe. I miss youuu! :) Let’s watch a movie, Juno’s really cute and funny.

  6. san

    Marla! now that you mention it… ako din wala pang first date date! haha! :p Haaay..saturday night movie?:p

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