New Dawn Breaking

by mimi
October 26th, 2007
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Hi, Candy girls!

Last Wednesday, Macy, Marla, Roch and I went to Music Museum to watch the three remaining members of Rivermaya find a new frontman. Before going up the venue, we spotted the sign for the show. We heard that our old Katie’s Diary illustrator (Paolo Lim) did the artwork. What do you think? 

The entrance of the finalists was haunting. They sang some kind of round song that spoke of never giving up as the were walking towards the stage. The audience screamed when the two remaining finalists, Hans and Jayson, sang their parts.

Later on, the boys were given the chance to sing Rivermaya songs as well as their own creations. Honestly, I thought their originals sounded like songs you could hear in TV ads. I liked Hans’s voice better, but Jayson had more stage presence (he looks like Gerald Anderson, don’t you think?).

Here are the judges assessing the boys’ performances. Lizza Nakpil (hidden from my camera’s view), Louie Talan, and Francis Brew. The boys from the band are seated right behind them, watching their every move.

Aside from watching the two finalists battle it out onstage, popular Pinoy bands such as Imago (see Aia), Sandwich, Stonefree, Sponge Cola (see Yael), and Callalily came to support Rivermaya. Each band even got to sing their favorite Rivermaya track!

Now the question is, who won this competition: Hans or Jayson? I’ll never tell. But you can watch the two-hour finale on TV this Sunday, 9:15 pm, on Studio 23…

I can't wait to see the new Rivermaya perform live…

PS: The Candy girls and I want to greet stariray Candice the biggest, best-est, happiest birthday ever! Wishing love and happiness all year round because you deserve it.


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8 Responses to “New Dawn Breaking”

  1. mheems

    you were there?
    Did Jason win? haha, kulit!
    just kidding, I know you won’t spill it.

  2. candice

    thanks mimi! love ya! you’re like HBO, you’re simply the best! wahahahaha

  3. mheems

    I read about it in today’s newspaper.
    God, I knew it! haha…
    won’t spill it out either.

  4. kranch

    ayoko magpuyat…whowon?

  5. mheems

    In 45 minutes, we will know!

  6. maricon shermaine

    wow. im excited to hear the voice of the chosen vocals of rivermaya na.. goodluck and im here to supprt them once again

  7. mimi

    Yup, Jayson won. :)

  8. ayessa

    oh, why is rivermaya lookingfor a new frontman Ms. Mimi? :) i’m really sorry, I haven’t watched tv lately.

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