Mia’s Ms. Piggy Moment

by mia
September 10th, 2007
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I was incredibly busy all of last week, and had to stay extra late Friday night (make that early Saturday morning!) since we were closing an issue. So when the weekend rolled around, I was more than ready to reward myself. How you reward yourself says a lot about you, don't you think? Just call me Ms. Piggy then, because I rewarded myself by feasting all weekend long! Here are some of the treats I gorged on:

1. Buco Pandan Pie

2. really creamy leche flan 

3. California Maki 

4. Chicken Teriyaki

5. Lemon Peppered Grilled Chicken at Burgoo (with an extra order of rice!)

6. Shredded corn 

7. Mom and Tina's Cupcakes (Mandarin Orange, Banana, and Chocolate)

8. Red Ribbon's Chocolate squares and yummy lasagna

9. Arce Dairy's Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (hey, it's sugar free!) 

10. Savoury's Roast Chicken (it comes in the original retro packaging, cool!)

11. Brooklyn Pizza's White Pizza (this while I was having my HSM marathon Sunday night)

12. And my personal fave, Burgoo's Onion Tree with three dips! The cheese dip and mayo-based one are sooo good!

How about you, how do you reward yourself? Let me know so I can get some ideas…and quit stuffing my face!

Ms. Piggy Meets The Onion Tree!

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8 Responses to “Mia’s Ms. Piggy Moment”

  1. macy

    I loooove the Mandarin Orange Butter Cupcake at Mom&Tina’s!

  2. cheezee

    i reward myself with becky’s kitchen crinkles and swiss choco cake…it has this violet crumblely stuff in it! i lurve it!

  3. Mia

    Macy, I’ll be forever grateful to you for introducing us to Mom and Tina’s! haha!

    Cheezee, I love Becky’s Kitchen, too! Haven’t dropped by in a long time, am glad you reminded me of it!

  4. ayessa

    oh, good for you ms. mia you don’t easily gain weight. hehe. :D but i do love pigging out. oink! :) i love buko pandan flavored goodies. heeee. :D

  5. Mia

    Mmm, buko pandan! :) So summer-y! Actually, Ayessa, I think I can gain weight pretty easily! I’m also a chips addict aside from being a sweets lover!

  6. ayessa

    we’re quite the same in that ms. mia. Hahaha. :)

    what chips do you like, ms. mia? i love potato chips soooo much. Have you tried Kettle chips? My teacher said it’s the yummiest potato chips he has ever tasted. :D
    Oh, so we both gain weight eaily ms. mia. Hehe. But I care a little. :) Hehe.

  7. Mia

    Kettle is super yummy, especially the brown bag. The cheddar is good too :) I love lots of local chips, plus Cheetos Puffs!

  8. ayessa

    me, too, miss mia. local chips — Potato Chips (the yellow one). it rocks. the imported chips are so expensive tapos bitin. konti lang yung laman. hahaha. :D

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