Europe + Filipino = Europino

by macy
March 28th, 2007
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What do you get when you cross the European way of life with the familiar that is Filipino? You get Europino—experiencing Europe right here in the Philippines!

The Candy girls trooped to Two Serendra this afternoon to sample the yummy treats at the Europino Food Festival. Jennie was the most excited one among all of us. Haha! Before we headed out to the different booths, we were served lunch in Thai at Silk.

Look at what they served us for lunch! So much goooood food—I didn't finish everything on my plate so Jennie helped me out. :P

A shot of me with Angel and Shar. We look happy and full. Haha!

Here's a shot of Marla, Jennie, and Angel in front of the fountain at Two Serendra. It's just one of the pretty design elements that can be found within the complex. There are landscaped gardens, sweeping pathways, and it makes you feel like you're walking through Europe (or what I would imagine it would be like since I've never been to Europe! Haha!).

Waiters start bringing out the food that's part of the Europino Food Fest.

Yummy tsokolate de batirol. Batirol is that wooden stick used to stir the hot chocolate. The result is the froth on top of the rich chocolate drink.

Marla and Angel checking out the food spread in the middle of Two Serendra.

It was so hard not to pick at the food while taking these pictures. Hahaha!

The Europino Food Fest at Two Serendra runs from March 28 (that's today!) until April 1 (Sunday). So if you don't have anything planned this week yet, why not drop by? There are a lot of good stuff to try and you can have a taste before you decide to buy anything.

Still full from the food fest,

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2 Responses to “Europe + Filipino = Europino”

  1. Charlene

    Looks yummy. :P

  2. Pia

    Yum! :)

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