Diversity in Beauty

by angel
January 18th, 2007
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Dearest Candy girls,

Have you ever felt down about your physical appearance? Have you ever wanted to change something about the way you looked? Have you ever felt that your body/skin/hair is just not good enough? Glurps

I’m sure we’ve all had our off-days—those days when you look in the mirror and all you can say is, “Yuck!” I myself have had those moments when I think, “I look so fat!” or “I hate my hair!”

Thank goodness for those who've been trying hard to change the world's standards of beauty! In 2005, Dove launched its Campaign for Real Beauty. I bet you’ve all seen the ads and participated in the debates (Extra-Large or Extra-Sexy? Flat or Flattering? Aging or Ageless? Dark or Dazzling?). This year, they’ve taken the campaign up a notch with the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, which aims to inspire girls and educate them on real beauty.

The proceeds of this fund are used for BodyTalk, a self-esteem workshop designed to help girls develop a positive self-image. Doesn't that sound great? Laughing


Local celebs Raya Mananquil, Patricia Hizon, Kate Torralba, Pam Pastor, Nicole Fonacier, and Liza Elarde go all out in supporting the campaign. 

Here’s what some of them have to say about it:

“Any girl can be beautiful as long as she takes care of herself.” —Raya Mananquil, model

“I never saw my size as a disadvantage. I never let it stop me from doing what I wanted and discovering what I was good at.” —Pam Pastor, writer


Marla and I were totally inspired when we watched the videos and presentations of Cris Villongco and the kids at the Dove event.


Think we can be models for Dove too? Wink


Dove partners with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines for their campaign. Are you a Girl Scout? You might just be able to attend one of their BodyTalks, which is now incorporated into Girl Scout training! 


For more information on Dove and BodyTalk, check out Dove's website at http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.ph/, call 588-8800, or e-mail [email protected].

So, what are your definitions of beauty? What would you tell young girls who think they're ugly? Join the fight for Real Beauty and let us know! Bye


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8 Responses to “Diversity in Beauty”

  1. Ches

    Yey, I’m supporting the campaign too. I’ve blogged about it a couple of times and it would be a really good idea to feature the campaign on Candy so that more Candy girls can feel good about themselves too :D

    I was really touched by the True Colors commercial :) The first time I saw it, I cried! :o

    Someone beautiful for me would be someone who knows she’s definitely not perfect and she’s embraced that fact. Someone beautiful could look at all the other prettier and sexier girls around her, especially those on TV and billboards, without feeling bad about herself or without feeling less of a person. Someone beautiful has a good heart, a genuine smile, and an open mind :)

    To young girls who think they’re ugly, think again, think hard. You don’t have to have your face on the cover of a magazine or your own TVC to be beautiful. You can only be beautiful when you realize that looks are definitely not everything and that you can move mountains by your good heart and your shining confidence :)

  2. marla

    Well said, Ches! I think anyone who’s truly happy and whose life is filled with love can be beautiful. It really does come from within. :)

  3. Boebuh

    Yeah… sometimes you just can’t help being insecure… especially when you see people around you… l’m a little bit… correction… I’m more on the chunky side… I do feel bad… I also do wish that if only I could just suck all these extra pound off me… people would be willing to take a second glance at me… but hey… I realized… that physical part isn’t all that… if you can carry your weight and walk with your chin up… people will notice you… just have confidence no matter what your flaws are… that’s what makes us special and unique… don’t let your flaws pull you down… use it… and OWN IT!! ^_^

    Good Luck with the campaign… and hope you guys would spread this great message all over ^_^

  4. angel

    Thanks, Ches! Pwede ka nang spokesperson for Dove! ;)

  5. Noelle

    I definitely agree with Ches, beauty is embracing yourself fully. And yes, that includes all of those things that you dislike about your appearance. i know that there are times when you trully feel insecure about yourself, because i have definitely have instances when I feel that way towards myself. However I always remind myself that I am not the person that I am just because of how I look, rather I am a complex individual who has so much to offer to the world. And that’s an important point that should NEVER be forgotten.

  6. joesyl

    i consider myself as a girl that has a very low self-esteem buut after watching the commercial for the campaign, it touched me a lot. I am starting to gain confidence now but I guess it will take ages since i spend my whole high school year saying to myself that I am ugly. I think I need major help. Anyway, thanks dove!

  7. fhatz


    I was an ugly duckling. Yes, I was. I’m not presuming I look superb now but what I mean is, I wasn’t always positive about the way I looked nor was I always at ease with myself. Actually, I still am not! (just kidding) as far as I can remember, I’ve been dark, big(now I’m 5’8 in height then I weigh…ah-ah…170 plus pounds), chubby, kind of awkward the way I move, my legs are full of scars and all. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in 3rd grade when kids in my school started to tease me like there’s no tomorrow. You know cruel kids can be. It used to bother me a lot. I would always cry at one corner and feel so humiliated. I wanted to fit in. years later I was able to ignore the insults. I learned to get used to it. I went on with my life, met my trusted friends, studied hard, got active with the things that I enjoyed doing and eventually everything fell into place.
    To be honest, I still feel so ugly at times; I tend to be so upset with the standard of beauty set by the community…
    *The slim figure-I got the opposite. I have a big-boned figure. I got big thighs. Big shoulders.
    *The flawless skin-I got the opposite too. Acne really runs in the family and whatever treatments I try, they just simply don’t want to go away COMPLETELY.
    *The long skinny legs-I got long legs but they’re not skinny and flawless. I still have traces of scars that I got when I was a kid. I remember I got those scars when I kept running from the embarrassment whenever the cruel kids would tease me with the way I look. I keep on running that time then I’ll just simply fall when I get tired and get those wounds. Sad but totally true.
    It’s really hard being in my shoe. Pressures. Insecurities. Anxieties. I tend to hate the world for looking like this. I hate it when guys would always say to me, I like you because you’re pretty but you’re too tall and big .Or when I walk, people keep on staring because of my height. Sometimes I wish I could also be like the girls who seem to have it all to be labeled as beautiful-LOOKS.BODY.HAIR.SMILE.LEGS.COLOR OF SKIN…etc.
    But now, I simply realized that being beautiful comes only when I started to embrace my imperfections and start looking on the good assets that I posses. Other girls may be lucky enough to be exactly what the society dictated as ‘beautiful, but they are not perfect. And I believe no one is. Not even me, but I am better-off than those ‘pretty girls’ because in spite of being FAT,TALL and ALL… I am truly blessed and REALLY HAPPY with lots of things, I have my loving family with me, my friends, my god-given talents, my charm & my special someone who always believed that I am really beautiful. It all really boils down on how you look at things. If certain person makes you feel bad about yourself then don’t mind. No one cares of what others think of you because you are the only soul who knows the true person that lies within.
    Now that I think about it, I realized that it was really the love and acceptance of the people around me and God who made me discover to love and accept myself the way I am. I know it’s easier said than done but it all really lies on how much you accept and get satisfied with everything that I have. If I started to love how I look no matter what other people say or judge me. I just accept my flaws and focus on my assets and talents, the positive outlook will shine through. Reception starts from within. I’ve always believe that everything that is happening in my life is really part of God’s plan for me. Who we are depends really on what we do; it’s how we handle situations in our life. That’s why I pray, have fun, dream big, don’t step on other people on my way up, keep my feet on the ground, laugh at my mistakes and learn from them, cry my heart out, love with all my heart, love myself and most especially love GOD, my creator.


  8. shayne

    yah, your right, keepng ourselves beauty as we can is really true meaning of beauty but remember ” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” so dont think that your ugly??? its just amke your self confidence decreased but think that even although your not beauty outside but you have beauty inside that people well seen….thats the ture beauty…..


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