The Evolution of our Friendship

by macy
January 10th, 2007
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Hi, Candy girls!
Let me tell you about two of my best-est friends ever—Laika and Binky.


Back in Assumption, I met these two lovely ladies and started a wonderful friendship with them. I remember back in high school, we would spend hours on three-way conference even if we saw each other in school everyday! We'd even write each other letters everyday. We never ran out of things to talk to. We'd talk about our future children being best friends just like we were. Haha!

In college, I would still see Laika (the girl on the left) since we both went to the same school. And we would see Binky (my twin!) every so often whenever our high school friends would get together.

Now, that we're all working, we barely get to see each other! Binky is already living in Canada and Laika works on a graveyard shift. So it was a treat to hang out with the two of them last night! Binky was home for a vacation and I arranged a pot luck dinner with my high school friends so we could celebrate Binky's birthday (it's her birthday today!). It was so much fun being in a room with my high school friends—especially these two. It's comforting to know that even if we've been separated by time and distance, practically nothing has changed. We still haven't run out of things to say to each other and letters have turned into e-mails and YM messages. I'm not sure about the part where we talk about our future children. I think we finally reached the age when we've realized that we need a husband first before we talk about having kids. :P

This is us now. :D

Who are your best-est friends? Have you talked with them lately?


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7 Responses to “The Evolution of our Friendship”

  1. MIZ MAY

    I had a swell time looking at the pix! It amazes me how much you’ve all “grown” (definitely not horizontally). I must say you all still look fab. From time to time, i get pix from former students from ICA Greenhills and AA. The familiar, distinctive features are still there but as a former mentor, i could sense the huge transformation that you, guys, have gone thru… and boy, am i so proud (like a “tita”??). e-mails from former students who are now managers of reputable companies or managing their own businesses or editing websites such as this, make me feel personally compensated… that somehow, i managed to be part of their lives. and one great thing about it now is that we get to communicate , not me as their former mentor/teacher, but as friends on a gut-level!
    oh well, time might have passed all of us but we sure have come a long way! kudos, macy, you’ve done an awesome job! and by the way, here’s wishing you new hues of peace, new tints of joy and new colors of love for 2007. and yes, go look for a prospective husband first before you dream of having kids! (and when find one, do put his pix in your blogsite, too. jk :)

  2. marla

    The high school hair, Macy! Haha. I went through that haircut too. Oh dear. :)

  3. macy

    Ms. May!!! Wow, it’s great to hear from you. :D Don’t worry, I personally haven’t been dreaming of having kids yet. :P

    Marla, I know, right? Yikes, and I always thought the cut looked great on me. Whenever I see my high school pictures now, though, I keep thinking, “I look like a boy!!!” Haha! At least I think I look much better now. :P

  4. angel

    Hey nice pics mace! what a trip down memory lane. Hey, I had short hair in HS too! Hahaha! :)

  5. Ches

    You all bloomed! ;)
    Well, since we’re still in college, my grade school/high school barkada and I get a load of laughs talking about our elementary days! I can’t imagine us working yet :o

  6. macy

    Angel: Haha, I think we all tried to have short hair once in our life. :P My God, I didn’t realize I looked like a boy!

    Ches: Aww, thanks! We can’t imagine we’re working now! Haha!

  7. shayne

    hi!!!!!! your title is a little bit interested,

    why??? because as of now i had two bestfriends, and like yours we are three in a group, but sad to say, we are now in FQ friends quarel…not me!!!! but my two friend…they had a misunderstanding and im really affected for it because they were just my true bestfriend i ever had???? but now im the middle making ways to make those friendship well stay together…… the way thanks for your blog….it give me more courage to cure and do things right for my bestfriends, that having three in a group isn’t bad at all….

    wish me luck,

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