by mimi
December 21st, 2006
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Sorry for the corny title, but I couldn't think of a nicer one for my post! Wink

Last Saturday, I went to the CROCS grand store opening at Serendra, Fort (next to Market! Market!) with my buddy B. I literally got a high from that place party due to the store's rubbery new scent but mostly because of the new CROCS designs, colors, and Jibbitz (accessories). Ines and I are big fans of the Primas, but we are happy to be proud owners of the CROCS Mary Janes. I loved wearing MJs in high school, so I got nostalgic when I wore my puuuurty in pink new shoes.

Crocs pink.JPG

Before I left the CROCS carnival party, I got to talk to one of the owners and he mentioned that they were bringing in Disney CROCS! WOW! I asked if they had samples, and so he led me to his baby daughter who was wearing a pair. Aww… Just as I thought, they were the cutest shoes ever! I've always loved finding Hidden Mickeys, but they weren't hiding at all on this pair.


They're cute, right?! Smile The CROCS peeps told me that the Disney line and Jibbitz will be out in the market soon. So if you're itching to get a pair, you've got to drop by CROCS Serendra asap.

Super off topic, I went to two events this month and met two really cute guys! I'm sure some of you recognize the first guy, but the second guy is totally fresh. Haha! Anyway, it's Kwon Sang Woo (the star of the Koreanovela Stairway to Heaven) who came over to promote The Face Shop, and 12-year-old performer Miguel Aguila, one of the winners of this year's Cartoon Network Awards of Excellence. Both guys were total charmers!


I've been eating so much, I think I'll burst come Christmas! Are you ready to celebrate?

Lots of love from the Candy staff,

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2 Responses to “CROCadoodledoo!”

  1. lyka

    Hi Candy!! Merry Christmas… =D

  2. coleen

    hi!!!! I wish a merry christmas and a happy new year to all!!! hava great vacation…!!!!

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