Back to Baguio

by mimi
November 10th, 2006
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Hi, Candy girls!

How was your vacation last week? While Marla was enjoying the sights of Fort Ilocandia, I was in Baguio taking in the not-so-fresh mountain air but loving the cool, foggy weather. It’s been more than 10 years since my last visit to the summer capital of the Philippines (I was still a teen then!), so I was surprised to see how much things have changed.

I traveled to Baguio with my high school clique not because of a random tripping, but because our kabarkada got married there. On our way up, we all had fun by reminiscing about our high school days. (It’s really different when you’re still in school. I miss those days!) Before reaching the city, we took a snap in front of the lion/welcome sign. I remember it looking a little different then (maybe another color?), but I’m glad that it’s still there.

When we got to our cottage, I met this cute little baby girl named Colleen! She’s my kabarkada’s daughter, so I got to hang out with her a lot. I got so kilig when she’d see me and call out my name! She’s even cuter than her Care Bears stuffed toy.

I didn’t know my friend was getting married in the same church Aga Mulach and Charlene Gonzales got married in. Of course, my friend Leigh (who’s a fan of YES! Mag, with me in this snap) told me about it.

This is Mamoo, my friend who got married in Baguio. She looked so nice in her white gown, while I looked sinister in my sleek ‘do and furry black ensemble. (Can you say kontrabida?) This picture reminded me of the game Othello. Have you ever played that?

Two of my friends were part of the entourage, but despite that, we had time to pose for funny pics. (Clockwise from top) Here’s Chari, Blanche, Tin, and I giving our most sultry looks. Haha! I think we’ll need more practice to look alluring.

On the way home, we passed by an impressive restaurant in Tarlac called Isdaan. Aside from feeding the fishes, you could take pictures with the huge statues or walk down a long plank with a bucket of water to win one free kilo of fish. What I loved best was this area where you could release your anger by shouting “Tacsiyapo!” and smashing ceramic cups, old plates, or—get this—working television sets! My friends smashed a couple of cups, but we didn’t have the heart to break those TV sets since they each cost P1300!

Oh! If you’re a fan of the Peppermint Mocha, Toffee Nut Latte, or Gingerbread Latte drinks, head out to Starbucks now. These drinks are already available! :) I’m collecting those stickers so I could give the planner to my best friend who’s moving away soon. Waaah!

If you don’t want your Starbucks stickers, send them to me! :)


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11 Responses to “Back to Baguio”

  1. angel

    hi mim! you look nice in your black dress kaya (love the fur!)—not sinister looking at all! ;)

  2. marla

    I wanna go to Isdaan! That wall looks cool. :)

  3. Zia

    I wanna go to Isdaan too! Looks really interesting ;) . Great way to eliminate stress and all the anger :P

  4. Macy

    Maybe I should go to Isdaan and smash a couple of plates, huh? Whatcha think, Mim? :P

  5. Mimi

    Hay naku, Macy, I think you’ll buy all the TV sets there! :)

  6. Regina

    Mimi, you’re really cute! :P By the way, I saw that place at Isdaan already. It was eyecatching. :) Astig!

  7. luli

    i have 11 stickers na the span of 2 days!! i love the toffee nut latte!!

  8. sweet

    i also went to baguio just this sembreak coz a classmate of mine lives there. i want to go to Isdaan…i need to break, i think, about a dozen plates/cups to release my stress. :P you all look gorgeous, mimi. :) congrats to your friend. i study at starbux morato almost every night (except friday & saturday nights). i like the cozy feeling when i’m there…the ambiance is very christmas-y. i imagine myself being in hogwarts. :) my fave drink is tofee nut latte. i havent tried the gingerbread latte though…i’m going to try it tomorrow. i’m also collecting stickers for the 2007 planner! :) btw, i like the november ish guys! zaf is so cute. and channing tatum, as always, is so HOT! HOT! HOT! haha…regards to all the Candy staff. got to run…i’m going to watch supernatural now. :) ciao.

  9. Mimi

    Aww, thanks Regina! :)

    Hey Sweet! Thanks as well. :) Let me know if the Gingerbread Latte tastes good. I just drink Peppermint Hot Chocolate all the time ’cause I didn’t like the taste of Toffee Nut. :( BTW, glad you loved the issue. Channing is HOT, HOT, HOT! :P

  10. snoopy-mea

    i love isdaan! san kilo bridge! i wanted to pass that plank but my dad wouldnt let me. he said that the fish that i will win might stink sa car. ahhahaha! we got the tv sa tacsyapo wall! hahaha! it was darn heavy to throw! haha!

  11. Lyka

    haha.. I live near the Isdaan. Pero mahal ang food doon! haha… =D

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