Faces of Candy ;D

by macy
October 19th, 2006
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Candy girls!

If you haven't heard of our latest feature on Candymag.com, well, you better get updated! We just launched the coolest network site for the Candy girl—Candy Faces.

You can upload up to 20 photos in your very own album. Add up all your friends—no limit! And answer our questions in your profile and link to pictures to go with your answer.  We also have myScoop reports that you get to answer! It's like being a correspondent for Candymag.com! Isn't that cool? You also get a chance to become the Face of the Week. Round up your pretty pictures and who knows? Maybe you could be the first Face of the Week ever! Exciting! :)

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! If you're already a Candymag.com/TeenTalk member, all you have to do is activate your profile. Once you've gotten yourself a Candy Faces account, add us up! All of the Candy editors have accounts already—except for Jennie (ahem, Jennie, activate na your account hehe!).

Countdown to the fair: 2 days, 44 hours, 16 minutes, and counting. Can't wait to see all of you Candy readers! See you there! ;D


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7 Responses to “Faces of Candy ;D”


    for girls only?

  2. macy

    Yes, for girls only. :)

  3. joan_valerie

    i made my profile na!

  4. jessan_miramon

    ayayay! why ate macy? wawa naman ako! :-(

  5. Marilyn

    I can’t activate my profile. :S

  6. LaNa

    Hi ate macy! I already have a candy faces account poh! :)

  7. macy

    MM: What happens when you try to activate it?

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