by ines
July 3rd, 2006
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It's school time once again and, just like you, I also have homework! FrownI have papers to do for my masters class. And last Saturday, I told myself that I was going to work on my first paper — and guess what I did all day? I stayed home, fried myself some luncheon meat — which wasn't so bad because I was starving (but tasted kinda gross after a while), and watched TV all day long! After each show, I'd tell myself it was time to get up — I even put my notebook and handouts on the dining table and turned on the lamp beside it so that I had a spot ready. But after each show, it felt like my butt was glued to the couch! It was sooooo hard to just turn off the TV! Glurps And I kept wondering how I was ever going to start writing my paper. Then, my friend told me that she wanted to come over, pick me up, and have dessert at UCC! I panicked! If she got there and I left the house without making a single dent on my paper, I'd feel disgustingly horrible and pathetic. So I turned off the TV and got to work. I didn't finish my paper — I'm still not done. And I really wasted a whole Saturday when I could have finished it. But I am so glad that I've started — at the very least!

There are seven deadly sins, but I think that Procratination should be made the 8th! Do I have any fellow sinners out there? :)

love, Ines 

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5 Responses to “Procrastination…grr!”

  1. marla

    This reminds me of one of my fave movies, A Love Song for Bobby Long. In one scene, John Travolta was tutoring Scarlett Johansson, and Scarlett was refusing to cooperate. John Travolta said something about procrastination, but since Scarlett didn’t know what the word meant, he defined it for her as “to drag one’s ass in such a manner as to ensure one’s place in life as a loser.” ;) Scarlett was so challenged by that remark that she finally took her studies seriously, graduated from high school, and went on to college! Haha. I found that really inspiring. :)

  2. ines

    Aarrgghhh!!!! A loser! Okay, I’ll get off my butt quicker this time! I’ll unplug the TV so that there’s no more temptation! haha! Thanks, Marla! I find that so inspiring as wel! :)

  3. angel

    Oh my God, I am such a procrastinator also! Ex. Working on my articles the night before they’re due for layout… but they turn out nice pa rin naman diba? Hahaha!!! Okay, will do my best to improve as well! :o

  4. eLisha

    i guess i have to agree with you that it should be 8th of the deadly sins..but there’s always room for improvement,,right?! anyway,,instead of starting with my report today,,i’m here,,making a comment on your bloggy! haha,,how’s that?!

  5. ines

    HAHAHAHA! Of course there’s always room for improvement :) I was sooooo lazy to go to the gym yesterday and I was going to do other stuff, but I remembered what Marla posted and dragged my ass … to the gym!!!! Yay! :) We can do it, girls! :)

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