Here are more behind the scenes pics of Yan and Yael!


Looks like these two can be pretty competitive when it comes to basketball.


Yan gives Yael a playful slap on the butt!


There's no doubt about who owns this ball.


Can you guess who jumps higher?


Hanging out after the shoot. That's me, Yan, Yael, Lia, Mimi, and Barney.

Thanks Yan and Yael!


P.S. Doing this feature was really fun for me because I have no brothers. I found it really interesting to see how real brothers play and work together. I'm amazed at how close Champ and Chino, and Yan and Yael are! Made me wish I had a brother too! What about you? Do you have any brothers? What's your relationship with them like? Tell me about it! :) 

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10 Responses to “Bonding with Brothers (Part 2)”

  1. mimi

    Yael dropped by the office yesterday and he was smiling while reading the feature. He definitely liked it! :) What about you girls?

  2. Chesca

    Well, I have a brother who’s five years younger than me. We weren’t close when we were in Dagupan, but now that he’s studying here too (and it’s only him and my yaya I’ve got!), we’re starting to get closer despite the age gap and all the other issues that come with it :) It actually feels good to have a sibling with you, I feel less alone :)

  3. joesyl

    i reaLLy liked the issue, ate mimi… its really fun to read… also love yan yuzon’s article, by the way… its so cool… how’s the candy girls?

    i always wanted to write in your mag by th way.. hehehe… candy r0cks!

  4. joesyl

    my brother’s name is joey… we get along very well… (we have 3 years gap, close dba?) he’s a smart kid and that’s what i love about him. he’s just turning 13 but he’s in second year high school at Special Science and Technology Class (the same school as mine!) we have a lot of similarities, not just because i find myself comfortable hanging out with boys and we’re both leos… we got along in online stuffs and techies… i love my brother so0o0o much!

    stig ka br0!

    that’s my amazing story with my br0o0other!

    hope you like it!

  5. ana

    wow! i also dont have a bro, and sometimes napapaisip ako how it feels to have a kuya! hehe! ihave two girl sibs, and i’ve been in an all-girls school from grade school till highschool! waaah! ehehe!

  6. mimi

    Hey Joesyl! We’re glad you loved the issue. :-) If you want to write for us, you have to show us samples first. Email us some of your works at [email protected] along with your resume.

  7. joesyl

    w0w, really??? sure, i really will…. thanks for the opportunity ate mimi…

  8. diane

    Umm…ate i too young to have a role in ur mag? i’m diane (obviously) =) i’m 14 yrs old..i want to really become a writer, but i guess i’m too young(?) Hmm…i like ur magazine sooo much..i’ve never ever missed an issue..(there was one ish, the march 2006 ish..aww) Thanks! God bless! Just asking..peace!

    *candy rocks!*

  9. tin

    i bought the issue when i saw yael on the cover and i really liked the issue but now im quite dissapointed, i saw lia with yael. huhu

  10. angel

    Hi diane, you’re definitely not to young to have a role in Candy. You can try e-mailing us some sample works at [email protected] or apply to be a part of our Council of Cool next year! :)

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