Back to School

by marla
June 6th, 2006
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Last Saturday, I helped my little sister shop for a new school bag and a new pair of school shoes. Clutching her hand as we tried to dodge all the back-to-school shoppers (I gave her stern warnings not to let go because she might get kidnapped! Haha!), I suddenly felt a twinge of sadness that I was no longer part of the June rush. I missed the thrill of going to the mall to buy new clothes and new school supplies. I missed the excitement of meeting new classmates and new teachers. I missed the reassurance of knowing that the new school year gives everyone a fresh start, a clean slate.

When I received my diploma, I had this goofy grin on my face and I wanted to do cartwheels on stage (except that I’m a total klutz and I can’t do cartwheels even if my life depended on it, but that’s beside the point). If you look at my graduation pictures, you can almost hear me saying, “I’m so happy I’m on my way out of here!”

But now, barely three months after graduating, I’m starting to miss being a student. Yup, including the homework and the exams. So yeah, I’m such a nerd. :)

I guess it just takes a while to get used to the fact that I’m no longer officially in school. It helps that right now, I’m learning so many new things that I think I feel like a student again—the Candy staff and all you Candy girls out there are definitely the best teachers ever!

<3, Marla

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7 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. angel

    Hi Marla! Gosh, I know what you mean! I felt exactly the same way when I graduated! Good thing I got my first job in “Candy school” so it doesn’t really feel like work (well, most of the time anyway!) Haha! :)

  2. Michi

    Hmm.. maybe in the future, I’d feel what you feel. Luckily, I’m still here in college. There are times when I’d think of what I’d do after graduation,a and the fact that i won’t be able to do things I do at school makes me feel sad. I still aim on graudating (with honors, xempre) from my bachelor’s degree in nursing, but somehow I wish that dream wouldn’t come THAT soon, hehehe.

    Oooh, the new mall-bought-stuff always brings back memories of my childhood. haha, diba ang sarap maamoy ng bagong school supply? hehe, nakakaaddict yung smell minsan.

    Anyway, school’s just around the corner. I still have a week left to prepare for it, hope that you guys would have a superb week ahead.

    *smile! your face won’t crack anyway.

    love yah guys!

  3. marla

    Angel: Yep, Candy school rocks! Hehe.

    Michi: Thanks! Be sure to grab a copy of our June issue to help you prepare for school. :)

  4. Nicole

    I can’t wait for school! Even though not all my things are complete. lol. It’s true all students get stressed alot in school, but howcome we still like school? hmm. Tough question.

    Love lots!! :)

  5. ana

    hehe… even though im already a college girl, i still buy school shoes every year or if nasira na..tsk, ust kasi may uniform pa!hehe!
    But i’ll definitely miss school–the yearly school supplies shopping and the long breaks–when i graduate…which is next year na!!! (ulk)

  6. Chesca

    Yeah, I just love that back-to-school feeling! ;) Despite my torturing sked thanks to UP’s CRS (Computerized Registration System), I still look forward to meeting new friends and new professors! :)

    OT: Your sister’s sooo cute! She’s like your mini-me ;)

  7. marla

    Nicole: I know! :) That’s one of life’s biggest mysteries. Haha.

    Ana: Enjoy your last year of being a student! I hope you make the most out of it. Good luck!

    Chesca: Thanks. :) I love my sister!

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