Yesterday, we got our management copy of the June issue (which means it's going to hit the stands soon) and it looks really great! We're so excited for all of you to see it but more on that when the mag comes out. ;)

Anyway, for the June issue, we had our situation shoot at Country Steaks and we were treated to a host of the most mouthwatering dishes. (That's one of the things I love about shoots in a resto—good food! Haha!) Here are some of my faves:

04 tuna salad.jpg 

This Tuna Salad is both yummy and healthy! 

CS alfredo.jpg

In the mood for pasta? The Steak Alfredo is a must-try!

03 T bone.jpg

The T-Bone Steak is one of their bestsellers!

CS choco ganache.jpg 

The Choco Ganache is worth all the calories!

07 ice tea1.jpg

Four Iced Tea flavors to choose from? Cool!

CS logo.jpg 

I bet your tummy's rumbling after seeing all that good food! Head over to Country Steaks at 431 Shaw Blvd. corner ideal St., Mandaluyong. For inquiries and deliveries, call 723-0618. For more on Country Steaks, check out Candy Rap in the June issue. It's worth the trip! :D



P.S. Trivia: Country Steaks is owned by siblings Apple and Lemon Ramos. Even their names are yummy! Haha! Thanks for letting us shoot at your resto! :)  

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5 Responses to “Mouthwatering Meals at Country Steaks”

  1. Sophia

    Wow, they all look so yummy I can almost taste them! Country Steaks is definitely a new resto to check out!

  2. aliza

    wow.. yummmyy!!!!! i’ll try to check it out..

  3. jho

    i really love steaks! i’ll check this one out! Yum! Yum! is this for fine dining? or just a casual one?

  4. angel

    Yup, you guys should definitely check it out!

    Jho, it’s casual! The prices are definitely affordable. And they usually have bands playing on weekends so that means good food + good music = a great time! :D

  5. Chesca

    Would you look at that Choco Ganache! :o

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