Tickle my… throat?!?!

by ines
May 24th, 2006
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Sniff — this is going to be a pathetic post. I just want to gripe that I am sick (sore throat, cough, horribly itchy throat, watery eyes, aching body) and I have been sick the entire month of May! I can't believe it! And I already took a week's worth of antibiotics — and believe me, I was feeling well already (raring to go to the gym since I was stuffing my face because that medicine made me hungry all the time!) and then TWO days later, my throat started hurting again!!!! I couldn't believe it. I am still in shock about this super virus that has apparently taken over my body. (I need Dr. House to save me!) I'm taking all these herbal stuff now since the medicines didn't work. I'm trying this Chinese stuff (that Mimi says she takes too!), and this Honey throat spray thing from the Tagaytay bee farm. I'm so sick of being sick! Yesterday, I had to stay home because my body hurt so much and I was just exhausted…. from eating breakfast! How pathetic is that?!?!?!   

So am I the only weakling in this world? Who else is fighting off some strange virus? I can't even visit my friends who have just given birth because I'm afraid of infecting their babies! Waah!!! Depression…. GlurpsGlurpsGlurps

Sniff, Ines 

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4 Responses to “Tickle my… throat?!?!”

  1. Michi

    Hope that you’d get well soon, we can’t afford to lose a candygal like you to a bunch of unsightly viruses. hehehe

    Well, got to go ward off the mosquitos nearing my foot, hehe I can’t risk having dengue, now can’t I?

    Wishing all the candygals the best summer ever, too bad it’s about to end in a matter of weeks.

    Anyhow, atleast we’ve spent summer in the best possible way we can! :P

  2. shar

    Ines! There’s probably a virus spreading around the office. HAHA! I wasn’t feeling well over the weekend and my body’s aching too. Probably because of the unpredictable weather. Get well soon! :D

  3. Patrick A.

    Hello Ate Ines!
    Get well soon and i looove ur mag=)

  4. ana

    get well soon ms. ines!!!

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