Art and higher things

by ines
April 25th, 2006
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Last night, I attended my friend’s art exhibit at the Ayala Museum. She took a painting class for a few months (she’s always been really good at art!) and last night was the culmination. I felt so grown up and oh-so-cultured entering the museum and looking at the paintings. Believe me, this is not part of my usual routine. Nowadays it’s more of eating in and catching all the episodes of House on DVD! But last night was so great because I was able to see a different world — one where self expression and love (and a whole bunch of other emotions!) can be channeled onto canvas. Amazing. A friend of mine said she was now so inspired to paint (apparently, all my friends are artistic!) and I laughed and said, “I’m not!” because no matter how hard I try, I know that my talents do not lie in art. Doesn’t mean I don’t love it, though. I am so proud of my friends (my other friend, Fran, was also part of that class so we all ended up hanging out after the exhibit!). :)

But what made me so happy was that after the exhibit, we all decided to grab some dinner (at 10pm!) and we were able to spend time together. I absolutely love being with my girl friends. So when I was thinking of a title for this post — I began with art and ended with higher things — because that’s what friendship is to me. It’s definitely a lot higher on my importance scale than any piece of art because it cannot be captured on film, canvas, or even in words — no matter how hard we try. It’s just so much bigger than us.

frans artwall1.jpg

This is my friend Fran posing with the art wall. Take a closer look at the paintings. They’re beautiful!


My friends Angel, Fran, and Justine — those two paintings are Angel’s! Isn’t she amazing?

me and angel.jpg

Me and Angel — she’s the one who invited me to the exhibit. Check out my new glasses! I love them!

Here’s to friendship, the greatest art of all! :)

love, Ines

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2 Responses to “Art and higher things”

  1. ana

    hi ms. ines! i super love art as well…but nothing beats the art of friendship! last weekend, my friends (high school barkada!) had a beach-trip to matabungkay (a first for us, since we’re always heading for pools and resorts!) and we had a super good time catching up with each other and laughing over gradeschool and highschool memories! And sympre, we never wasted any moment and took LOTS of pics of our bonding-outing!:) cheers to girl friends!!:)

  2. ines

    Nothing beats girl friends, Ana! :)

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