Sleepover Season

by mimi
March 31st, 2006
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Angel and I did some major bonding last weekend when we went to Sumilon, Cebu FOR FREE with a couple of our officemates. (Definitely one of the perks of working for a magazine!) It was a fun-filled trip! I finally got a tan (thank God!), but it really looks weird because I have box-like prints on my back!!! I hope they fade away, but I hope I can keep the tan for a few more weeks.

The day after we got back, I had to wake up early for a whole day celebrity shoot (can’t tell you who it is yet, but I have to say he’s the cutest, most talented 13-year-old boy I’ve ever met!) then assign articles for our next issue. SO TIRING! Yesterday though, Ines, Angel, and I got to watch Disney Channel’s original movie, High School Musical! It’ll be airing in June pa, but I hope you girls get to watch it ’cause it’s SOO cute and fun. It’s Grease for tweens. Plus, the lead is such a cutie who looks like a young Jared Leto!

We’re all a little sad today ’cause it’ll be our art director Mel’s LAST DAY at work. WAAAH! She’ll be leaving to follow her sister abroad and to hopefully work there. We shall miss you terribly Mel! Sad thing is I won’t be able to hang out with Mel so much today. I’ll be leaving early because I’ve got an overnight thing at Discovery Suites with a few WITCH girls. (In case you didn’t know, I take care of WITCH magazine as well.) It’s been a longtime since I’ve had a slumber party, and I’m pretty psyched about this one. I’m excited to exchange kilig stories, eat popcorn, play Twister, and have a movie marathon! 

When was the last time you had a slumber party and what did you guys do? Feel free to share!!!



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2 Responses to “Sleepover Season”

  1. patrizia

    hi, mimi! i’m dying to have a tan too! :D
    I’m excited about the cutie you’re talking about, by the way. Hmm…….And I wanna wathc High School Musical. Did you just say it’s Grease for tweens? I think I’m gonna like it coz I like Grease. Hehe.

    Hmm..the last time I had a slumber party was…2 years back (cringe!). We exchanged kilig stories and played Truth or Dare.


  2. mar

    ellen’s so beautiful…! :)
    i think less make-up’s better …hehe
    the “ellen adarna” video here….
    it kind of ddnt look like her..
    anyway still pretty though! :)
    hope to see more of ms. ellen!

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