My Kind of Boy

by ines
September 17th, 2005
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A few days ago, Mia and I were quite impressed by a text I received from one of our illustrators. I thought I had misinterpreted a drawing of his and texted him an apology. He quickly replied that no, I had gotten it right – and to prove it, he began quoting verses from a poem by e.e. cummings, the inspiration for the drawing! Mia and I looked at each other in awe and said, “I wonder if our boyfriends even know who e.e. cummings is!” emoticon Now, whenever the girls at the Summit office hear this story, they all want this illustrator for themselves! Too bad he’s taken, girls! emoticon

But I know that my high school self would definitely want him for herself too. I clearly remember waiting outside the high school gates with my friend Romina, wistfully making up stories of the guys we were going to live happily ever after with. emoticon My list read something like this:

- must love books, poetry, music, and musicals (Broadway!)

– must love animals (not just dogs!)

– must be able to dance

– must be ROMANTIC

– must write me poetry, love letters, basically sweep me off my feet emoticon

And guess what? When I got to college, I met him right away. It all began when I bummed a ride from one of his friends. Before getting into the front seat, he asked me if I had read Love Story by Erich Segal. When I said no, he handed me the book, telling me that I was going to cry buckets of tears. When I got home, I immediately began reading it – and promptly cried those salty buckets. emoticon When I returned it, we began talking about the other books we had read. Then he offered me a ride home, and I wasn’t surprised to hear my favorite musical playing in his car. We sang along to it – with no inhibitions whatsoever. He couldn’t sing (at all!), but it was cool that he tried. A few weeks later, after taking me home, he told me he had a surprise for me. He pulled out a sketch he made of an island. He told me that whenever I wanted to get away, I could always escape to that island he created for me. I was touched. Just the way I was touched when he wrote me a poem, drew me a unicorn, gave me and my mom flowers on Valentine’s Day, and yes, danced with me. And I don’t think he had a problem with my huge Labrador retrievers, either. But there was one problem—I didn’t like him. He bugged me. He stifled me. I didn’t enjoy talking to him over the phone. And I found him annoying. emoticon

I was so frustrated. Wasn’t he the guy I had prayed for oh-so-fervently, on my knees, in my little high school uniform? He fit the bill. He was perfect. He was supposed to sweep me off my feet! But apparently, he didn’t. So today, I have a new list.

- must dance with me (even if he doesn’t know how)

– must know how to make me laugh

– must make me feel special

– must love animals (not just dogs!)

– must be my best friend

Even if my boy doesn’t know who e.e. cummings is (plus, he refuses to read Love Story!) and I still try to bully him into writing me something sweet (I am not even hoping for a poem or a sketch of an island), he makes me feel like the most important person in the world. And that, I’ve found, is the best way to sweep a girl off her feet.  emoticon

love, Ines

P.S. What’s on your list? emoticon

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18 Responses to “My Kind of Boy”

  1. tweetums

    Aww, 2 bad your ideal guy was a looser, Miss Bau. :( I bet he was just trying to make u pa-impress w/ all those books and musicals. Do you stay in contact w/ him? Are you still friends? Maybe he’s still in love w/ you. :-o I’m pretty sure your new boy is cooler than that guy. Sana he’ll make us libre in Subway more often. :D

  2. Jo

    I don’t exactly have “standards” when it comes to guys. As long as we both connect emotionally, it’s all okay. =)

  3. kitty

    your story is so much like my own.

    like i told my “permanent boyfriend” during our last anniv:

    “you’ve never been the type to be incredibly romantic. but you’ve always made me feel incredibly loved.”

    (and guess what? after a long time of being together, he’s started to warm up to the things i like. he’s even started quoting “before sunrise” lines & ideas during our conversations!) :-)

  4. ines

    Hi, Kitty!

    What do you mean by “permanent boyfriend”? :) Anyway, I am so happy for you! It’s not easy to find that one special guy! Hmmm… I wonder if my guy will ever start quoting poetry to me… Hahahaha! I really doubt it!!! But you know what? When he was logging on last night, I asked him what his password was and he told me that it it was my name and HIS last name! ACK! I almost died — sounds like something a teenage girl would do! Hahahaha! I guess he does have a small romantic bone in his body after all :)

  5. janice

    my comments in the kind of boy that they like is a boy that special guy 2 them like they think their soul mate mate”s!!!!

  6. angel

    hi guyz… uhm… I think i found the guy who i would love to marry,,, but someh0w there’s just something wrong… N0pe, he’s n0t int0 buks, or int0 p0etry.. he’s sweet but not sooo sweet (w/c i wud really like 2 be one of his charateristics..) I really wud appreciate s0me sweet quotes and unforgetable w0rds lyk yours,, :c But you knw, im satisfied, what’s important is that we love each other and we are faithful to one an0ther…. isn’t it? and i wud accept him as hu he is… :)

  7. Trisha

    My KnD oF Boy Is mGaLinG sUmaYaw, FriEnDLy, CuTe, not-so-smart, SmiLeY fAce, MabAiT……Un Lng….I tHiNk i’ve found him……….

  8. chesca

    ze kinda guy i want must be:

    * funny (absolutely – joker??)
    * gentleman
    * undeniably hunky
    * basketball player (that’s what he is)
    * pretty cool
    * POGI (of course)
    * everyone’s bestfriend
    * adventurous (

  9. kinna

    when it comes to relationship with guys? i don’t stick to the attitude my dream guy i replace it everytime i don’t feel that he’s the right one. if he’s easy to be with and we have the same interests… it counts! but three things i really like with the guy is when he is gentleman, always makes me smile and lastly…has a close relationship with his family. perfect!!!

  10. Pam

    awwww.. how sad naman, :( pero don’t worry Ms. Ines there still someone other for you.. :)

    i want someone who’s god-fearing and makes me feel loved and special… :)

  11. heartache'n

    I love this post!hehe I saw an episode of “what I like about you” (Amanda Bynes) where her sister Val didn’t want to go out w/ this guy who wasn’t good for her ‘in paper’ (she had a list too) but her friend pushed her to try since they had so much chemistry. And when she did, i think they eventually got married…

    Anyway, lesson of your story (I think) is that it wouldn’t matter if the guy has all the traits u long for… or he passes ur list of being the “perfect guy” for you, if u don’t hav chemistry…. it wouldn’t work.
    but ofcourse i still have a list that’s a must!hehe

    *respects me, my family&friends (everyone that i love)
    *Love & cares for me enough that he’ll wanna be w/ me for life
    *has a sence of humor
    *would do anything and everything for our relationship to last for eternity!
    *would wear a ‘hot pink’ colored shirt, and not feel “less of a man”

  12. alia


  13. abbie ^_^

    hahaha FUNNY! i only read this just now.. thank God there’s not much work today in the office..

    I know EXACTLY how you feel Ines! hiihhi..

    When I was in college.. there was this guy who courted me (im not gonna say his name nlng.. hihihi)

    he was PERFECT as some other people would say..

    he was SMART, no, INTELLIGENT, he even makes exam reviewers for me, HECK! even I dont do that to myself.. hihihihi…
    he was CARING, uberly caring, he would accompany me on my way home (he lives in marikina, and i live in las piñas)…
    he was ROMANTIC, a little bit OVERLY ROMANTIC (everyday he would hand me something… as in EVERYDAY!).. a poem he wrote about me, a poster with big bold words: “I LOVE YOU”, a BOOK! YES! He wrote a book for me as a christmas gift with details which are all bout yikes! ME!, a painting! HE PAINTED ME!!! I’ll describe it: it haf a perfect scenery,with a river, and lotsa trees and flowers.. and YIIKES! we were sitting, and i was leaning on him!…
    he was THOUGHTFUL, SUPER THOUGHTFUL… he would give something to me EVRYDAY a bracelet he saw while he was at the mall, brownies he baked for me! and my fave chocolates!

    despite the things he has done for me… i didn’t feel ANYTHING.. of course.. i was excited about the fact that someone like him cares about me..

    but in the end.. it’s all about COMPATIBILITY… the QUALITY of your BOND..

    he gave me the things girls would die for to receive…
    but i didn’t need those..

    what i needed was someone who (yes, a must) could make me laugh, someone who could see the REAL ME, someone who would still like me

    sadly he’s not any of those…

    but i don’t regret meeting him… i’m glad once in my life someone like him cared about me… ^_^

  14. Kate

    The perfect guy for me is

    totally sweet and romantic
    should love animals
    and nature
    should be able to dance and sing
    open minded
    animal lover
    make me feel special
    doesn’t care about the beauty cares about personality
    should be a advisor
    leardership skills

    I don’t really know if a boy exists with these qualities maybe someday I could find a guy more perfect than this, who knows…

  15. louiesa-lois

    ow, i love ur’s bcos it really is wat u kol reality. reality n d sense dat, we really can’t make standards for our man cos life, lovelife to be exact is really unpredictable!, even the kind of man that we are going to love and marry..they cud even be the exact opposite of wat we dream dem 2 be.

    its a gurl thing -setting standards and d like… but going gaga over an unworthy boy is also a quality we can’t ever deny!

  16. anne taguiam

    u knw wt? ders nothin wrong in falling in love…. its jst dat we shud knw our limitations…. we dont have to go for looks…. When we are deeply in love, we learn to give even without receiving… There are times p nga n nkklimutn n ntn ung srli ntn dhil sa sbrng pgmmhal….. aq i loved and get hurt…. after all e2 alive p dn aq…. yes love mkes d world go round but der are tyms na good din ung word na ‘bye’ mnsn it only minz, i luv u nd i wnt u 2 b hapi… kht msktn aq ok lng il try to carry on…. no1 can ever define wat luv is and wat luv is all about…. each and every1 of us has their own definition of love kya when we tok of this so called love its really complicated…. all i know is when it comes to love, we should not set standards…. mhrap kc bka sa huli pg isa sa mga qualities n hnhnp ntn wla sa taong mhal mo, di mo mbbgy ung best moh coz ur thinkng n my kulang….
    to all who seeks 4 advce jst txt me @09225950985 and im willing to listen….. you can even email me @ [email protected]
    Girls……Candy Mag Rulezzzzzzzzzz………………….

  17. brokenlove

    hi… I’ve read lots of comments and ur story about ur dream guy.. actually, I also have something to share here. Once in my life I met this cool cool guy, his name is Patrick. He is a varsity player of basketball in out school. He is quite handsome, I admit, i love his hair. He is music-minded, a bassist, and he is very romantic. (he will be more romantic if he likes you, because everyday you’ll be treated by him like his wifey or something like that.) Sadly to say, I tried to be close to him because of one reason: just to get a revenge for what he’s done to my bestfriend. He is a player, a playboy in short. I made him fall for me, and me and my bestfriend did the make-him-fall-leave-him-after-plan. It worked out, he fell for me. He even treated me like his wifey everyday. And plus–a became popular in our whole school–because of him. He started courting me, and I kindda liked the feeling. I thought I was lucky for some reason: 1) he is a very cool guy, 2) he’s what a girl wants, 3) I was lucky because he was a basketball player. I always admired basketball players, especially because he is good in almost any sport. But as time passes by, I realized I shouldn’t have made him fall for me. When he asked me who was the guy that I liked, I lied and told him he was the guy I liked. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, because I was the good-girl in our school campus. I never done things like dump him, or make-him-fall-and-leave-him-after thing. But I needed to do it. One day, I was in the mall of asia’s cafe and, he was texting me. I told him that I kindda not like him anymore, and said goodbye to him. A tear formed in my eye as a result to the thing. After that, I wanted to bring back the past and just start it all over again to the time I haven’t said goodbye to him. Right now, in the present time, I have moved on with my life. I heard he has been moving to one-girl-to-another-girl and I was his victim. I thought he loved me. But if he did, he would not look for another girl. After I turned him down, I felt like I am missing him, I miss the attention he gave me the time he was courting me, and I just really miss him. Every time I pass by him, I never dared on looking at him or what, it’s just, everytime I see him I just feel like crying. But now, I’ve moved on, as what I’ve said, and I’m just glad that we don’t talk or what…

  18. brokenlove

    And I also need comments about what I’ve shared…thanks

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