Hi, Harry Styles, Can We Talk?

by ayessa
February 26th, 2015
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It is no secret (here at the Candy HQ, at least) that I am crazy about One Direction cutie, Harry Styles. ICYDK who he is—and I’m really hoping that’s not the case because if it were, we need to talk—he’s the guy Taylor Swift could be singing about in “Style” or in most of the songs in her 1989 album.

As we draw nearer to their first time here in Manila on March 21 and 22, my feelings are getting all out of control. I know you totally get how I feel, Candy Girls. I even told Macy that I might really cry once I see them because asdfghjkl! #NoShame So when news came out recently that One Direction is already in Japan, just the thought of being in the same continent as dear Harry is making me giddy and smile uncontrollably.

Yay Harry Styles


But my feelings~~~ aren’t the only things I want to talk about with Harry (okay, partly they are, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hahaha!). It’s because I really have strong feelings towards his concert #OOTD in Japan. OMG, GUYS, MY BABY IS WEARING SOMETHING SHEER. :x Oh be still, my heart. *covers mouth to stop screaming for the thousandth time*

harry styles japan ootd


Hey, Harry, we need to talk. Can you wear something similar to that here in Manila, too? Or better yet, don’t wear any top at all! :D This is a tropical country and it can get really, really, really warm. You know, I’m just really concerned about your health and all. And while you’re at it, allow your man bun to grace us with its presence, too, so your hair won’t be dripping with sweat during your two-night concert here. Ahhh, pretty please? Yes? Yes.

Love you loads, BB—messy hair, exposed chest, and all. Luh ya, 5ever and ever.



Now Brewing: Coffee at J.Co

by guest
February 26th, 2015
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What do you drink a cup of coffee for? Productivity? Relaxation? Creativity? It can be for a lot of things, but Maxene Magalona, J.Co’s newest brand ambassador, looks for warmth and energy in her cup of coffee to help her get through her days.

She shared during the JCoffee Media Launch at Glorietta 2 last February 18 that a cup of her favorite JCoccino, JCoffee’s take on cappuccino, helps jumpstart and fuel her throughout the day. What she likes best about JCoffee is the variety of its flavors. They even made a counterpart of the Avocado Dicaprio donut – the Avocado-flavored coffee.

JCoffee takes pride from their hand-picked Indonesia-grown Arabica beans from Sumatra and Sulawesi which they use in brewing their coffee. They also boast of their skillful and creative Coffee Experts who not only can brew your coffee to perfection, but can also make it aesthetically-pleasing by decorating it through latte art. I personally saw how these coffee experts create those cute designs when they did a demo right in front of us. It not only tastes delicious, it also looks beautiful!
So head to the nearest J.Co store (or their soon-to-be-opened lifestyle cafe at Forbes Town Center) and get a lovely combination of freshly-brewed coffee and delectable donuts, like Maxene’s favorite combo, the JCoccino with the Alcapone donut or my combo, Avocado coffee and Tiramisu donut.

Riana Lago and Tricia Quintero
Council of Cool 15

 1  Watch for piso fares so you can book a cheap flight to wherever you want.

We booked our flights way back in August, which gave us enough time to save up for our pocket money, too!

2 Think of a unique hashtag (search it before you post it so you know you’re the only ones using it) to use throughout the trip.

Ours was #hongkongsadulongmundo, LOL.

3 Load up on good food and tons of laughter.

4 Buy friendship shoes—or anything that will remind you of your trip.

5 Take tons of photos and videos so you can look back and remember just how much fun you had.

I had an awesome Valentine’s weekend with my high school girls. We binged on dim sum, fresh milk and hot tea, plus chanced upon a Julia Roberts movie marathon on V-night. We totes stayed in and kept our toes warm while getting kilig on the couch. Remember, love is all around you. You just need to stop looking in the wrong places!


Sister, Sister, Sister

by kaye
February 17th, 2015
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They say home is where the heart is and these days I find it to be especially true. I’ve always liked spending my weekends at home alone, reading, or catching up on lost sleep, but I almost never get to spend any time with my family during the week so it’s been a blessed relief to get to hang out with my sisters (AKA the only people I ever feel truly myself with), even if it’s doing something as mundane as sitting around the kitchen, eating while exchanging stories about the funny people in our lives, or laughing at some ridiculous thing on the internet. It’s been difficult to find things to laugh about as of late, so we take every opportunity we can, I think.

A few weeks ago, my youngest sister Trina went to her prom and my other sister Ela and I were very excited for her, as older sisters usually are. While Ela and I are usually indifferent to things like teenage rites of passage (because we’re introverted and curmudgeonly and basically 60-year-old biddies in 20-year old bodies), mostly we were excited for the opportunity to haul out our old prom dresses and take goofy pictures.


Please don’t laugh at my prom dress; 2006 was a very dark time for my sense of style. :|

Valentines Day has come and gone and while it’s okay to celebrate with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or bemoan the fact that you have none), I hope you also know that platonic or familial love isn’t any less important than the romantic kind. Give your family a big hug for me, Candy Girls! :)

Your Next Must-Watch Musical

by dyan
February 15th, 2015
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There may be days when you’re so done with the world that you just want to lock yourself up and hibernate, but can you imagine living in a bathroom for a year all by your lonesome? That’s what obsessive-compulsive, disillusioned David does in The Boy in the Bathroom—until he meets a girl. (There’s always that special someone, right?)

The Sandbox Collective is bringing back the hit musical as an entry to this month’s Fringe Manila Festival. Directed by Dani Girl’s Toff de Venecia, the musical stars Topper Fabregas, Caisa Borromeo, and Sheila Francisco. Catch The Boy in the Bathroom on February 19 (8 pm) and February 21 (5:30 pm) at the Huseng Batute Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. For ticket inquiries, call 585-6909, 0917 8877 225, 0917 8908633, or 891-9999 (TicketWorld).

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Hi, Harry Styles, Can We Talk?

by: ayessa, 2015-02-26

It is no secret (here at the Candy HQ, at least) that I am crazy about One Direction cutie, Harry Styles. ICYDK who he is—and I'm really hoping that's not the case because if it...



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