Love Lately

by kaye
September 29th, 2014
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I normally hate the mall but I seem to be popping into them more often these days. I blame my job—every time the fashion pages land on my desk for editing, I find at least one cute thing that I want to buy for myself! Often I end up not getting the cute thing but something else closer to my personal style: plainer, more boyish, but with interesting details or quirky/cool print. Case in point, the heather gray sweater in the first picture—it’s got thumb holes! I bought them for the thumb holes and I am not ashamed.

So the gray one was my favorite sweater for a while. That is, until I bought that pale pink Just Be Yonce sweater from Shana! Once you start shopping it’s kind of hard to stop so I also ended up buying these ripped boyfriend jeans from Penshoppe, and these cute heels from Primadonna. AAACK.

But enough about shopping. Last Saturday, I attended my very first Candy Fair! I went pretty early so I got to say hi to the boys and tell them how cute they all were (#actualtitaofManila), and I even watched the Candy Armada practice their routine. I’m always so impressed by all the love that everyone on the team puts into the magazine and the events so it’s infinitely rewarding to get that love back a hundredfold. You girls were so excited and happy and so infectiously kilig that I couldn’t help but feel the same. It’s true when they say that Candy Girls are the sweetest; there are definitely times when I get frustrated (like when something I’m working on isn’t coming together the way I want it to), but seeing all of you makes it all worth it.

Here’s to the next fair! :) Launches New Label Called BMBX

by guest
September 26th, 2014
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I’ve been a big fan of, from his Black Eyed Peas days up to his judge stint for The Voice in the Philippines. Now he ventures to new heights as he unveils his new label, BMBX (Boombox)! The Fil-Am rapper wants everyone to take notice of the talent of Southeast Asians like Singaporean rapper Kevin Lester a.k.a. THELIONCITYBOY, Jessica Reynoso from The Voice in the Philippines, and Filipino band Slapshock. says he wants these artists to experience the Western production, similar to what he experienced when he was in the US. He hopes to find more talented artists and help make their dreams come true.

Why don’t you upload your cover of the latest hits on YouTube and tag Maybe you’ll be the next artist to sign under BMBX! —Ian Sta. Maria, Candy Council of Cool 14

What’s Your Search Story?

by ayessa
September 25th, 2014
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Here’s my search story: In 2009, I was finishing my college thesis. I tried looking for resources in our school library, but most of the journals I needed on the topic weren’t in our school yet. So I went online, used Google to look for those things, got what I needed, beat the deadline and finished writing my thesis, and graduated right on schedule. If Google weren’t invented that year yet, I wouldn’t have finished everything I needed to do on time.

Fast forward to today, I am working as your web editorial assistant—coming up with stories about note-worthy things we see online, which we usually find with Google’s help. I really can’t imagine a day without using it and I think, you feel the same about the search engine. It’s possible to live without Google, but I guess it’s a little difficult. Of course, it’s what we use to get information on anything and everything. We use it to research for our school projects or to find the location of a restaurant or to learn more about our favorite celebrities.

Seeing how online search has changed our lives, Google Philippines worked together with Sponge Cola, Chicser, Bogart the Explorer, Mikey Bustos, and Erwan Heussaff to form #GoogleMoLang—a campaign aimed to encourage Filipinos to maximize the full potential of online search. As part of this movement, they also devised an online game, Google Mo Lang, where you can go on a virtual adventure to create your perfect night with Google’s help of course.

google mo lang

Erwan Heussaff, Mikey Bustos, Sponge Cola, and Chicser in one of Google Mo Lang’s endings.

This online search-based game gives you a glimpse of Google’s newest features to give you the information you need. Start playing Google Mo Lang now. Don’t forget to share your endings online and with us by tagging us via Google Plus. See you online!

What about you, Candy Girls? What’s your search story? Let me know in the comments! :))


What’s in my #CandyFair2014 bag?

by stephie
September 24th, 2014
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Two days to go before the #CandyFair2014 and we at the Candy HQ are way beyond excited.  :x Sooo excited that I’m already planning what to bring! Keep in mind to bring only the essentials so you won’t be carrying a huge bag and you’ll be free to dance around all day.  See you there at the Metrotent on September 27!


Handwritten Type Love

by macy
September 21st, 2014
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I’ve always been a fan of fonts for as long as I can remember. In high school, I could name the typefaces just by looking at them. HAHA! You could say I was kind of obsessed. One of my favorite font styles are the ones that are handwritten—or at least made to look handwritten. A  favorite resource for such type is Fonts for Peas. I even attempted to submit my own handwriting to the site so I could have a Pea Macy font, but unfortunately, it never passed their standards and therefore never saw the light of .TTF day.

Fast forward to today, my friend and fellow type lover Mikko introduced me to iFontMaker. It’s an app that lets you create your own font with just a tablet and a stylus. If you don’t have a tablet, there’s a site that’s pretty similar (my friend Kaich pointed me to that direction) but you’ll need a printer and a scanner.

The first time I tried, Mikko forgot her stylus but I attempted to write with my fingertip. Thus, my very creative and groundbreaking name for this type: Fingerwriting!


Used Cupcake Ipsum for the gibberish. I love how it really does look my handwriting even if I did use my pointer finger to “write” it.

My next one looks a little more refined because I finally used a stylus. I call this one Macy Serif—I’m super creative when it comes to naming type faces apparently.


Absolutely can’t wait to make more! If you want to see what fonts my friend Mikko has made available for public use, check out her page on DaFont!

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Love Lately

by: kaye, 2014-09-29

(click to see a bigger version) I normally hate the mall but I seem to be popping into them more often these days. I blame my job—every time the fashion pages land on my desk...



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