Hi, Candy girls! I’m Ning, fashion and beauty intern at Candy. My job is to work with the fashion and beauty editor, Jed, in producing shoots and pages for the magazine. Below are five things I’ve learned from three months (so far!) of being an intern.

5. There is no need to serve anyone their coffee.

Being a fashion intern at Candy is nothing like working for Miranda Priestly! There is this preconceived notion that being an intern would mean doing menial tasks. Interns here are going to be utilised with their given skill set, assuring them of a very enriching and worthwhile work experience.  As a fashion intern,  I’m always on the go sourcing clothes, or even attending events. The work is hard, but it’s really fun, and no, I don’t have a terror boss. There are so many things I wouldn’t have known had I not been an intern under Jed, the Fashion and Beauty Editor. I was guided through the entire process of conceptualizing a shoot down to thinking about the right words for the captions and titles. Since issues are done in advance, a lot of fashion foresight is needed, so I updated myself on the runway trends as well as familiarizing myself with the designers. This is to ensure that the quality of style we give to the readers is up-to-date and on par with international magazine titles.


4. Everything is always at top speed. 

There is always a lot of things to do and they have to be done quickly. Efficiency is key, but it can really take a lot out of you. I noticed that the publishing industry is inherently fast-paced because the magazines have to be printed just in time to be released. Deadlines are always upon us, so I consider my planner as an extension of my soul. With regards to being a fashion intern, there is this constant cycle of scheduling shoots, getting pullouts, returning pullouts, and planning for the next issue. Looking back at the past two months, I’m surprised that I’ve worked on four issues already!


3. There will be some heavy-lifting, and some other nitty-gritty stuff. 

In theory, working in fashion can just seem to be super fun all the time, but no, it’s really hard work. That notion is from what people already see in the magazines, but what they don’t see is what happens behind the scenes. Doing pullouts and carrying them to and from the shoot is an insane arm workout. Once you’re in the studio, you have to make sure that all the clothes and accessories are properly laid out, so the shoot can run as smooth as possible. You have to do things like tape the soles of the shoes, steam then hang the clothes, and if you’re unlucky enough to acquire a stain on an outfit, you’ll have to do some laundry. With all these things that have to be taken care of on top of the actual styling, I realized how taxing it really is to be a stylist. I’ve actually asked Jed several times how he manages to do all of these things without an assistant!


2. Tasks are comparable to a mind-boggling sudoku puzzle. 

There are times when you have to make the impossible…possible.  I learned that I always have to be on my heels (literally and figuratively). You’ll never know when a snap decision has to be made, and you always have to think fast and adjust to any given situation. Your mind has to be working almost 24/7 to make sure you’re on top of things. It’s also fascinating seeing an entire fashion editorial unravel in front of you. At first, certain things may not make sense such as how the clothes are all going to come together. During the shoot, I get to understand the importance of having good styling. What I learned was that what a fashion editor does is not all about putting together cute outfits, but it’s more of making the entire editorial go together. Jed always does a mixing of high and low with the different brands, and the result is always interesting but cool!


1. It’s not like your ordinary job, it’s a cool job!

Working under fashion in a publishing company is very challenging and fast-paced, therefore you need to think and act quickly. What I like about working in this industry is that each day is different and a lot of the work is done outside of the office…so it really isn’t your ordinary desk job.  The fashion and beauty pages of Candy have always been particularly cute and cohesive. I have always wondered how the pages turned out like that, but ever since I started interning, I got the privilege of knowing what makes or breaks a page. I was made to be more particular with the wittiness of my writing as well as filling up the page with relevant yet eye-catching visuals in an effort to make it look and sound more “Candy.” Since everyday isn’t the same, the experiences I encounter are always new and it forces me to unleash some creativity. I like the adrenaline rush I get when the work I do is challenging.


Fact: when you watch The Maze Runner, opening September 17, you will crush hard on Minho, played by Ki Hong Lee. The Keeper of the Runners is cute, hardworking, and fair—what’s not to like? After catching the advanced screening, we wanted to know everything there is to know about Minho. Good thing our friends from 20th Century Fox gave us a copy of his top-secret daily schedule!


The Runners’ Manual
By Minho

Mission: To solve the Maze


  1. Report to the Map Room every morning before breakfast.
  2. Receive section assignment from Keeper.
  3. Gear up.
    • Shoes: If it has holes, patch it up. If it’s beyond repair, consult Keeper for new shoes.
    • Runny undies: If it has holes, patch it up. If it’s beyond repair, consult Keeper.
    • Copy of map: To be returned upon arrival after maze running.
    • Pencil and notebook: Used strictly to aid in navigating and denoting patterns and routes in the maze.
    • Water: To hydrate your shuck face.
    • Satchel: To carry your shuck things.
    • Hand protectors: To protect your shuck hands.
  4. Stop by Frypan’s Kitchen – Pick up day’s rations. DO NOT overpack. The lighter you are, the faster you will be. The faster you are, the less dead you will be.
  5. Pack up and meet with Running partner at the respective Maze doors. Depending on the section you are assigned, you will meet up at the corresponding doors. (Consult the day’s map for reference.)
  6. Discuss Checkpoint locations with your Running partner.
    • Assign different checkpoints within the maze to meet while exploring your own section. Follow the Runners’ Code but also be accountable for your partner.
    • Criteria for picking checkpoint locations:
      Make sure you have four ways out of your checkpoint area. You don’t want to trap yourself in a corridor.
      Even though both of you know where the checkpoint is, leave a trail just in case your partner gets lost.
  7. Run the Maze.
    • Remember the Runners’ Code: never stop running, always be alert, and bring back hope.
    • Hydrate.
    • Keep track of the time.
  8. Come back before the walls close.
  9. Report to the Map Room. Your first destination upon reentering the Glade is the Map Room. NO EXCEPTIONS. I don’t care if you have to klunk in your pants.
  10. Draw the day’s patterns and submit for inspection. If I can’t read your map drawing, you will forgo dinner. DON’T WASTE THE GLADES’ SUPPLIES.
  11. Debrief the day’s patterns and findings.
  12. Break for dinner.
  13. Sleep.
  14. Run again.

Minho runs a tight ship, doesn’t he?  The Maze Runner premieres on September 17!


Up-and-coming actress Amanda Leighton from The Fosters and The Young and the Restless let her “inner old lady” out in our August issue. Here, some more from our exclusive interview with her.

What was your favorite Disney movie as a kid?
All of them! I loved The Little Mermaid the most.

What’s one trend from the past you want to bring back?
I love the pinup look from the ‘50s and the grunge trend in the ‘90s. Classic and grunge—it’s the best of both worlds.

What’s your favorite Instagram filter?
Inkwell. Black and white photos are my favorite.

Let’s say you could invite a few of your favorite artists who have already passed away to a fancy dinner. Who would be on the guest list?
Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, and James Dean. I also think Heath Ledger would be entertaining. We would eat at The Brown Derby, which was all the rage during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Sushi would be on the menu because I love it and it would be fun to see these people eat it. Haha!

Look Who’s Talking

by ayessa
August 20th, 2014
Posted in Beauty & Trends, Get Inspired |

…about makeup, that is!

If you talked to me about makeup a few months back, I’d probably freak out and excuse myself or pretend I’m doing something to save the world so I can skip the topic. Nowadays, it’s a different story. I think I’ve been bugging the Candy eds about makeup more than I should because learning about it has made me really, really happy these past few days.

It all started when I asked fashion and beauty girl Erin to help me do my makeup for an event. She taught me how to do it for the next few days, patiently checked on what I’ve done (and whether I’m still alive after attempting to put on makeup, LOL), and added a few magical touches when I’ve made a mess of my already messy fez, haha. Macy, Marla, and Stephie joined in on my little adventure, too. They send me makeup tutorials and articles, answer all of my questions, and even give me a few pretty things to start my makeup kit with. Thank you, girls! Heehee.

Pretty Things

What I’ve been using so far (nuuuks!): Urban Decay’s Naked Basics (fine, I only use 3 colors  as of now, hehe), The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream, The Face Shop’s eyelash curler, K-Palette’s 1-Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline’s  The Rocket Volum Express Mascara, Tony Moly’s Petite Bunny Gloss, The Body Shop’s Eye Definer, Pixy’s Blush On (which I’m still learning how to use, hihi), Happy Skin’s Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie, and Chic’s Shadow Nail Polish from the Kathryn Bernardo collection.

My goal for this month (yes, that’s how serious I am because I have goals, hehe) was to do the perfect cat eye. After trying and trying to do it for a week, I can now do a messy version—but you can’t really tell, unless you make me close my eyes and look at them really closely. Hehe. My next goal? Kardashian-level contouring. Hahaha! :D

The most important thing I learned from this? That we shouldn’t be afraid to try new things. We’ll surely make mistakes the first time, the second time, and even the third time. But that’s how we learn, right? Besides, we always have our family and friends to tell us how to do it better next time. So if you’re scared to try something new, do it today! You’ll never really know, unless you try.

What new things have you tried doing recently? Tell me in the comments!



P.S. Want to learn how to do your own makeup, too? We have very helpful tutorials over here;)

Let’s Make Things

by macy
August 19th, 2014
Posted in Candy, Get Inspired |

What do you do on your days off? I like to make things with my hands. And lucky me, I’m surrounded by people who allow me to do just that!


Two of what I consider to be my proudest moments this year: getting to illustrate for ? V: A Life and Style Diary (have you gotten your copy yet?) and doing the calligraphy for my friends’ new book, Sola Musica (you can preorder it on Amazon!). I can’t believe that I’ve graduated from doodling on the margins of my notebooks to being credited as an illustrator or have my handwriting worthy of a book cover! What an honor. Thank you, Marla, Ines, and Stephie for asking me to do these projects with you.


I want to help out in my brother’s wedding preps so over the weekend, while coloring newspapers (haha) with my niece, I carved a stamp for him and my sister-in-law. Pretty cool that all their names start with a letter M so they can use this for whatever! (I can even use it, too.) After that, I went home to bake some cookies. I go by the handle “macysfields,” because Mrs. Fields was my idol growing up. All the first recipes I tried were from the Mrs. Fields Cookie Cookbook!


The next morning, I headed to the Hey Kessy Studio in Katipunan to get some crafting done. While my friend Mikko was holding her pressed flower workshop, I decided to come up with this collage featuring skills I learned from different workshops: watercolor, pressed flowers, and papercutting! The lyrics are from Jason Mraz’s latest album. <3


And to round up my wonderful weekend, I joined Hey Kessy’s craft gathering at the studio. You might be familiar with Hey Kessy because of their washi tapes. If you head to their newly-opened store at 71-B E. Abada, though, you’ll find even more pretty things to hoard! At the little get-together-slash-celebration, I met a lot of craft entrepreneurs who enjoy making things with their hands, too. We spent the afternoon painting clay plates. I stamped mine with words to remind me to always make space for the things that matter.

What about you? What do you do on your days off? (:


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Five Things I Learned in Three Months (…so far) as an Intern

by: jed, 2014-09-01

Hi, Candy girls! I'm Ning, fashion and beauty intern at Candy. My job is to work with the fashion and beauty editor, Jed, in producing shoots and pages for the magazine. Below are...



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