Summer Nail Art: Flamingos At Sunset

If you can't go to an exotic destination this summer, replicate the tropics on your nails!

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The gorgeous sunset of an island paradise is the backdrop of these rare birds that are super easy to make! It's the next best thing to a dream vacation!

You will need:
Base and top coat
Sunset gradient: yellow, orange, pink. I used San San in Tropical Lemon, Sinful Colors Professional in Hazard, and Revlon in Optimistic
Black for detailing

Summer Nails: Flamingo at Sunset

1. Cut, file, and shape your nails and prep your cuticles for good nail health and hygiene.

2. Apply the base coat to protect your natural nail.

3. Create a gradient of yellow, orange, and pink by dabbing a sponge lightly on all nails.

Summer Nails: Flamingo at Sunset

4. With your black polish and toothpick, draw the silhouettes of the flamingos by starting with the body. Make inverted crescent strokes in the middle of the nail for a feathery effect. Then at one end of the body, draw the curve of a question mark, connected to the body. Dot near the tip for the head, and taper the stroke for the beak. Draw the legs at the center of the body by making double angle brackets, and ending with a foot.

Summer Nails: Flamingo At Sunset

Draw 2 flamingos on your thumb if you like.

Summer Nails: Flamingo at Sunset

Here's how it looks like when you've painted all your fingernails!

Summer Nails: Flamingo at Sunset

You can choose to do one or two accent nails, too, if you prefer. :)




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