Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Gets A Haircut + Ways You Can Change Up Your Look

Not as committed to getting a haircut like Ashley? Read on to find out 5 ways you can change your look!

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We love Pretty Little Liars star Ashley's new messy bob. So chic! Are you getting bored with your hair but can't commit to something as drastic as a haircut? No worries! Here are 5 ways you can quickly change up your look from drab to fab!

  1. Change your part. We know it sounds like nothing special, but if you usually part your hair on the side, why not try a middle part? It's very '70s and so on-trend right now! Put on some eyeliner and you're ready to rock that look.
  2. Let loose. If you're always in a ponytail, it's time to let your hair down. If you've got a flat iron, you can follow this tutorial on how to curl your hair using it. If you don't have one, you can also braid your hair loosely while it's still damp then use a blowdrier to blast some hot air. When it's dry, unravel the braid to get beach waves!
  3. Get it sleek. What about keeping your hair stick straight? Make sure to always spray on a heat protectant to keep from frying your hair dry. Apply a shine serum after so that your hair looks lush.
  4. Tie it up. Time to put up your hair if you always wear it down. Why not try a messy side bun or a ballerina bun? Depending on your style, there's a bun or updo that will work for you!
  5. Do it virtually. If you're really not ready for a change—big or small—yet, then maybe you can try out the different looks in our Hair Makeover section. If you love a style enough, maybe you can get it done when you're ready! :)

What other ways can you think of to change your look? Share your hair ideas in the comments below with other Candy Girls!





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