Beauty Blog Stalking: Beauty and Sparkle

Looking for a new blog to obsess over? Check out the newest local beauty blog with a fresh new voice!

Local beauty blogs are far less abundant than the growing number of fashion bloggers. This is why we totally love finding new beauty blogs with a unique voice and a fun spin to daily posts. Beauty & Sparkle is exactly that—new, fresh, and fun! After only being launched last November 6, Tuesday, you can already scroll down several posts and click through a few pages of posts ranging from beauty trends to tips on how to slow down the aging of your face, and a DIY quick dry mani. Still wondering what makes this different from other beauty blogs? Resident blogger and former Candy Beauty Editor at Large Nicole Romero shares that she will be coming up with makeovers and simple tips that have been tried and tested, plus honest opinions of different beauty products. This blog is definitely one to keep bookmarked. So, don't just take our word for it, click on the link above and tell us what you like about this blog!





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About the Author

Erin Torrejon
Fashion and Beauty Assistant

Resident fashion and beauty girl. I’m a health-nut who devotes cheat days to french fries and other glorious carbs. I live at the beach and I can talk about movies, music,  clothes, and my current beauty obsessions for hours on end. 


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