A Makeup Tutorial For The Soul

This girl shows us the meaning of true beauty while teaching how to do a classic beauty look!

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What do you normally think of when you're putting on makeup? What do you normally see in a girl who's sporting a totally fab makeup look? More often than not, we simply think about the physical and focus on looking good from the outside, especially when it comes to makeup. But have you ever thought about what putting on makeup could all mean? YouTube blogger Anna Akana does a makeup tutorial that goes deeper than what you see on the screen as she talks about what it means to really be a beautiful and happy person, inside out. We don't want to spoil more of this beauty tutorial for the soul, so go ahead and click play to hear and see it all for yourself. Don't worry, there is definitely still some actual makeup tips involved!

Warning: Sorry for the explicit language, but we thought the overall message was too good not to share. Hope you enjoy!

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About the Author

Erin Torrejon
Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor

Resident fashion and beauty girl. I’m a health-nut who devotes cheat days to french fries and other glorious carbs. I live at the beach and I can talk about movies, music,  clothes, and my current beauty obsessions for hours on end. 

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