15 Musically-Inclined Nail Art

Express your love for music through these 15 fierce designs to help inspire your next trip to the salon or at home nail sesh. Don't forget to have your fave music play in the background!


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  1. Basic Notes
    Perfect for the no-fuss gal that wants to try a bit of nail art; the step-by-step tutorial shows you how to create basic musical notes that’s still pretty rad to show off in class.

  2. Pause & Play
    Who says you have to stick to black-and-white keys? Go bright with neon colors and add a minimalistic touch by adding in music related symbols, i.e. play, pause logos.

  3. Elvis
    Pay homage to Elvis and past musical icons that have had a great influence in our culture, this design is hard to pull off but nail decals or stickers will help you achieve the look!

  4. 5 Seconds of Summer Band Member Nail Art
    Show off how much you love the band you are into right now by painting on each member's face. It doesn't have to be super perfect, paint unique characteristics to help distinguish each nail.

  5. Katy Perry Dark Horse Inspired Nail Art Tutorial
    Flaunt music video inspired nails, like Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" vid and use gold hues and pretty embellishments!

  6. Lyrical Nail Art
    Put your favorite lyrics and artist on your nails and you might not be able to stop looking at them. Perfect to strut at a concert!

  7. Taylor Swift "22"
    Recreate T-Swift's iconic look in her "22" music video with those heart-shaped sunglasses and red lips with this easy tutorial!

  8. Little Mix Logo Nail Art
    Mixers will love this nail look! If you don't like to paint each member's face on, you can always reference their band logos or symbolisms.

  9. Araiana's Nail Art
    You can also sport your fave artist's own nail art, like our cover girl's romantic heart and bear nail design. Watch the whole vid to get similar nails like Ariana's!

  10. Ed Sheeran Album Nail Art
    Try out Ed's distinct orange album artwork and logo, don't go forget to add in your fave song to personalize the design even more.

  11. Kesha's Festival Ready Nails
    Take fashion cues from singers like Ke$ha who love the eye nail art design. Go sans the eyelashes and you are ready to flaunt it at a music festival!

  12. A Smiley Miley Nail Art
    Give off a playful vibe with this Miley inspired nail art, paint on smileys, stripes, and don't forget her iconic tongue out look.

  13. Glee Nail Art
    Gleek out with this bright Glee inspired nail art. Add a touch of humor by adding in Big Quencher slurpee drink that each cast had to go through.

  14. Justin Bieber Autograph Nails
    Not your ordinary Belieber inspired nail art, these nail decals show off JB’s official signature!

  15. Mother of Nail Art-Lady Gaga Art Pop
    Lady Gaga's Art Pop music video inspired a lot of spin offs, including this incredible design featuring her portrait in Art Pop makeup. Little Monsters would be sooo proud!

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