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What We're Reminded Of After Watching Bride For Rent

Bride for Rent is the reminder you need of what love is supposed to be!

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While Bride For Rent has a familiar plot—rich guy pays poor girl to be his wife and they fall in love with each other—the movie still kept things fresh, especially because Kim Chiu and Xian Lim look so good together (kilig!). We also think that sometimes everyone needs a reminder of what love is supposed to be!

1. Differences don't matter.
Take it from Rocco and Rocky. Rocco is a rich playboy, while Rocky supports her family. He's quite uptight and she's jolly. He may be so different from you, but that doesn't really matter. Most of the time, you just need someone who compliments your character and not someone who has the same one exactly.

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2. It takes a bit of effort to make the relationship work.
Falling in love is just half of the story. The other half's making an effort so the relationship works. Your guy isn't the only one who has to make an effort for your relationship. Do your part, too. Show him how special he is by bringing him a meal for recess or lunch, asking him how his day was after school, or just being there when he needs someone to hold his hand.

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3. Keep your word.
It's easy to tell him you love him when things are going well, but it takes a whole lot of patience and understanding when times get difficult. Whenever you're fighting or are extremely annoyed with each other, go back to all of your firsts—your first "I love you," first kiss, first embrace—and remember that you gave him your word and that I Love Yous and commitment mean for better or worse.

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"Bride for Rent" is now showing in cinemas nationwide, starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. Make sure you watch for Pilita Corales's onscreen comeback and fashion blogger Patricia Prieto's cameo!

Have you watched Bride for Rent? Tell us what you think about it by commenting below or tweeting us @candymagdotcom!





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