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WATCH: Emma Stone Challenges Andrew Garfield And Admits She Has a Crush On Him

Look who's challenging Spider-Man!

This is why we love Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield so much! They are not afraid to challenge each other's points and ideas, in a way that doesn't sound offensive. During the Yahoo Kids' Q & A, for example, Andrew made what seemed like a sexist comment when he was asked about how he got his Spider-Man suit. Emma was quick to challenge what he said!

Ooh, burn! Want some ice, Andrew? It got a little hot in there, didn't it? We didn't see that one coming. Good thing Emma came to his rescue by challenging his views, or else that would've sounded so wrong.

Although they challenge each other's points, they're also not scared to express how much they adore each other sometimes. In the same event, Emma also admitted that she's got a crush on her co-star, which is a big deal because they're a bit tight-lipped when talking about each other in public. But how can you resist a cute kid who innocently asks about it, right?

Can we all just have a moment to take in Andrew's kilig face? Ahhh! We just can't get enough of this adorable couple! Good thing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on April 30. Are you watching? We definitely are!




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