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The Vampire Diaries Season 5: Best and Worst Plot Twists

What had us on the edge of our seats and what had us tuning out. SPOILER ALERT!
by Dyan Zarzuela, Council of Cool 9, Entertainment & Features Editor, TV & Movie Columnist
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December 12, 2013 02:00 pm

The twists and turns of The Vampire Diaries have always been delightfully twisted, but they've really amped things up this season. Stefan getting amnesia? Katherine discovering that her long-lost daughter is alive? If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was watching a daytime soap. But hey, we're all still watching so I guess the cray works. Here's a rundown of the best and the worst plot twists this season, IMHO.

Worst: Bonnie comes back from the dead. If every major character that dies is brought back to life, the audience stops caring. It becomes a joke. And honestly, was anyone rooting for Bonnie to return to the land of the living?

Best: That said, I think it's worth reviving the people who keep things interesting. After being bled dry by Silas, human!Katherine miraculously survives—only to find out that sh's aging super fast. "Other than the joint pain, the receding gums, and the fact that I have to pee every five minutes, I'm dandy." She's the best, isn't she?

Best: The reveal that Silas's and Amara's doppelgangers are destined to find each other and fall in love. Hurray for Stelena shippers, but isn't it so cute that Damon and Elena are determined to create their own destiny?

Worst: Triplegangers Elena, Katherine, and Amara. It was fun for a while, and major props to Nina Dobrev, but I'm glad that's over. Two's a company, three's a crowd.

Best: Stefan and Katherine hooking up. On a show where everyone hooks up, this one is pretty shocking, to say the least. They went from lovers to enemies to reluctant allies to PTSD partners to whatever they are now. I can’t wait to find out how Elena reacts.

Worst: Bonnie and Jeremy hooking up. When there's no spark, there's no spark. It's like even the dead don't want them to get together because they keep interrupting Bonnie and Jeremy's "class registration" time. Ick.
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Worst: How can the travelers/Silas/Amara plotline be so promising yet so tedious to watch? The only consolation is Paul Wesley as evil Silas. Plus Tessa/Qetsiyah who can give Katherine a run for her money.

Best: The Augustine plotline. Humans torturing vampires in the name of science? Vampires feeding on vampires? Elena finding out that her boyfriend has been murdering generations of a family as revenge for what one person did to him? I am hooked.

The Vampire Diaries airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on ETC.

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    it's grossed but i love nina dobrev so i don't mind.
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