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The Fault In Our Stars: How Well Do Shailene And Ansel Know Each Other?

Plus: John Green on the set of the movie!

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There's just a month left till The Fault In Our Stars hits theaters worldwide, and we couldn't be more excited! We're so happy with all the promotional interviews and shoots that have been popping up. And when Entertainment Weekly revealed that the movie's leads, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, were on the cover, we've been glued to their website since! This cute "How Well Do You Know Each Other?" game from their cover shoot is adorkable!

The two certainly know each other especially after having worked with each other on two movie sets. Speaking of which, John Green got to hang around the TFIOS set and there's a video to prove it! In case you didn't know who he was (but we seriously doubt that), he's the author of the best-selling novel that the film is based on. It's pretty cool to see him on set, goofing around with the cast, and obviously having the time of his life. We loved the book and can't wait how to see it plays out on the big screen.

We've been obsessing about this movie for a while now and in case we don't get a chance to see it this month (did you join the Little Infinities screening?), we'll be the first ones in line on June 5th when it comes out in theaters nationwide.




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