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The 100: By the Numbers

"Not another dystopian show?!" you ask. Here are a few reasons why you should give this one a chance.

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The 100via

  • 97 – Years since a nuclear apocalypse killed almost everyone on earth.
  • 12 – Nations that had space bases at the time of the apocalypse.
  • 1 – The only Ark made of the 12 bases, which houses all the remaining survivors.

  • 4 – Generations to go until the earth is inhabitable again.
  • 18 – You don't want to be this age or older when you commit a crime on the Ark because it means certain death.
  • 319 – The prisoner number of main protagonist Clarke (Eliza Taylor), a "traitor" who's been in solitary confinement for a year.

  • 100 – Delinquents sent to the ground ahead of schedule supposedly for the survival of the rest of the Ark inhabitants.
  • 1 – Doctor from Grey’s Anatomy (Preston Burke): Isaiah Washington as Chancellor Jaha, leader of the Ark.
  • 2 – Prisoners who died on the way to earth because they unbuckled their seatbelts to float inside the spaceship like troublemaker Finn—who’s played by the adorable Thomas McDonell from Prom, Suburgatory, and Fun Size.

  • 1 – Familiar face from X-Men 2 and The Vampire Diaries: Kelly Hu a.k.a. Lady Deathstrike a.k.a. Mama Pearl a.k.a. Clarke's mom's BFF, Cece.
  • 1 – Friend turned frenemy—because he got her father imprisoned executed, natch—who got himself arrested just so he could follow Clarke to earth. Wells is also the son of Chancellor Jaha.

  • 2 – Siblings reunited on earth: Bellamy, the firstborn, and Octavia, who was imprisoned simply for existing. They take family planning verrry seriously on the Ark.
  • 3 – First words spoken on earth in 97 years: "We're back, b***hes!"

  • 1 – Survivor from Lost (Desmond Hume): Henry Ian Cusick as the ambitious Councilor Kane. The 100 sure likes its geek icons.
  • 1 – Seriously cool move that most likely redeems Finn in Clarke's eyes. "He's got one leg. How about you wait 'til it's a fair fight?"
  • 1 – Seriously lame pickup line Octavia told Finn: "Hey space walker, rescue me next." I'll give the girl a break, though; she's been cooped up her entire life after all.


  • 5 – Volunteers on Mission: Get Food for Everyone.
  • 1Joey Richter lookalike who unfortunately may not be around for long.
  • 2 – Heads of a radiation-infected deer they come across.

  • 2 – Bullies who don't know how to spell. "First son, first to dye."
  • 1 – Super fast, scary-funny, human-eating snake in the lake.
  • 5 – Words that make up the credo of prisoners YOLO-ing after being let loose on earth: "Whatever the hell we want!"

  • 1Avatar-like, glow-in-the-dark forest.
  • 1 – Almost kiss in that luminous forest.
  • 1 – Almost death: Clarke's mom for using too many supplies to save Chancellor Jaha's life. Of course it was the Chancellor who pardoned her just in the nick of time. Circle of life on the Ark, you guys.

  • 1 – Gruesome attack after a fun, GIF-ready moment.
  • Unknown – Number of radiation-infected people who have been living on earth all this time and are now the 100's biggest threat.

Who's hooked? I am—for now, at least!

The 100 airs Sundays, 8:50 pm on JackTV.





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