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#ThrowbackThursday: PBB's Manolo Pedrosa on All Things Girls

Yep, that was the Candy Cutie on Pinoy Big Brother: All In!


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Thought that Manolo guy on the Pinoy Big Brother: All In premiere last Sunday looked familiar? The Candy team was just as surprised to see the 16-year-old Candy Cutie enter the house, along with fellow Candy Cutie Axel Torres! We shot Manolo just last year for the Candy Cuties mini mag, and I remember how nice and boyish he was. He didn't say much and he didn't quite know what to do with his limbs—he's really, really tall—but he had a nice smile and no attitude at all. Definitely one of the easiest Candy Cuties to shoot! 

Whenever we shoot the Candy Cuties, we give them questionnaires to answer and we keep all of it. Good thing we do because a lot of them end up joining showbiz like Manolo, and even becoming huge stars (hi, Daniel Padilla). So here you go, Manolo's thoughts on all things girls because of course we ask our Candy Cuties about the things that matter. ;)

  • What was your first crush like? She was very nice, playful, and outgoing.
  • How do you show a girl that you like her? I make time for her.
  • How do you know when you’re in love? I just feel it. I think of her constantly.
  • Complete this sentence: I always fall for girls who are… Playful and willing to make time for me. (This is the quote that made it to the mini mag!)
  • What type of clothes do you like seeing a girl wear? Clothes that show off their feminine side.
  • What confuses you the most about girls? Sometimes, they would assume too much. Like they’ll say that I like this girl but in reality, I don’t.
  • Tell us about your biggest heartbreak. I broke down when I realized that we weren’t meant to be.

How adorable is he? Notice how all his answers are short and sweet—he was only 15 at the time after all. Oh, and here's something to add to the "Puro Manolo" trending topic on Twitter: he filed "singing and playing basketball" under special talents. Something to look forward to on PBB: All In?

PBB: All In airs around 9:50 pm on weekdays and a bit earlier on weekends on ABS-CBN. 





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