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Oscars: 15 Things That Happened Behind the Scenes

A backstage pass to all the crazy stuff that went down!

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  1. Ellen DeGeneres wasn't just a great host—she was also a "talent magnet." It's not easy to get A-listers to say yes to improv, but "Ellen made everybody comfortable," says co-executive producer Craig Zadan. "It was all improvised during the show." Remember the selfie that broke Twitter? As far as the producers know, all Ellen told Meryl Streep was, “I’m going to go into the audience and play with you."
  2. But Best Supporting Actor winner Jared Leto tells Insider a different story: he says that after he ran to get in the selfie, he realized that everybody was in on it, so he was technically photobombing. Who cares if it was rehearsed or not—the more, the merrier!
  3. Speaking of, here's a behind-the-scenes look at Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's adorable selfie. I SHIP IT.
  4. The pizza guy had no idea he was going to meet all those celebrities, including his crush, Julia Roberts. Edgar, co-owner of pizza joint near the venue, thought he was just going to deliver pizza to the writers. He appeared on Ellen the morning after the Oscars, where she gave him a whopping $600 tip collected from the ceremony plus $400 from her own pocket! Lucky, lucky guy!
  5. It was pretty cool of Ellen to have some pizza delivered to the starving celebs, but Kristen Bell? She was all good.
  6. Notice how no one was played off the stage? It made for some spectacular acceptance speeches, even if the show ran long. Craig Zadan says, "We knew as long as the speeches were emotional, we weren't going to play them off. I’ve never seen so many standing ovations."

  7. You've seen the GIFs, but do you know why Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the red carpet even before the ceremony began? The fault is in an orange cone. Good thing she was surrounded by security and a human handrail!
    via Buzzfeed

  8. Benedict Cumberbatch's Cumberbombing was epic to say the least, and it kicked off a photobombing spree.
  9. Who says only the press can take photos of celebs? Here’s Jason Sudeikis taking a snap of his glowing fiancé, Olivia Wilde, on the red carpet.
  10. Ellen was right—it was the Hunger Games at the Oscars.
  11. Breaking news: Brad Pitt is human.
  12. You know that Pharrell got Lupita Nyong’o, Amy Adams, and Meryl Streep dancing—but did you notice who joined him onstage? Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne!

    via Buzzfeed

  13. Remember when J-Law went to present Best Actor and told someone off stage, "Why are you laughing? What—is this funny?" Apparently, she was talking to Jared Leto. He was just laughing at something co-star Matthew McConaughey was doing at the side, he tells E!


  14. Ellen hosted an after party on her show the morning after the Oscars, following weeks of preparing and a night of partying. Of course she was a teensy bit tired.
  15. One thing we can't quite explain: how John Travolta massively screwed up Idina Menzel's name. A couple of things sort of make up for it, though: the Adela Dazeem Twitter account and this name generator

If you missed the show, you can still catch the red carpet special and the awards at 1pm this Saturday, March 8, on the Lifestyle Network.




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