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Liam Payne Joins Instagram And All Is Right In the World Again

Liam has taken the Instagram world by storm this week!

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We are so psyched about One Direction's Liam Payne joining Instagram this week! Are you following him yet?

Liam has been posting selfies and photos of himself, his shoes, and other things he thinks we don't really care about. But we do, Liam. We care about you. In the words of our fellow fangirl who commented on one of his posts, "It means something to us because it means something to you." WORD!

We won't ever get tired of staring at his handsome face for the rest of our lives. It's the ultimate stress-buster, ever. And it's not just us who thinks of this in that way. 24 hours after Liam started his account, he gained 600k followers! Yup, there are thousands of people who celebrated with us this week.

The world has really become a better place now that he's on Instagram. Just check out some of our favorite photos of Liam so far.

You Should Follow Liam Payne On Instagram NowThe rules of football are way beyond us, but we don't mind learning about it because the sport matters to Liam.

You Should Follow One Direction's Liam Payne On Instagram NowMustache? Check. Full eyebrows? Check. Why does he have to be so ridiculously adorbs? Why??

You Should Follow One Direction's Liam Payne On Instagram NowWe bet you wish you were that cap Liam was wearing right now.

And our favorite so far: This photo of him which showed his super toned arms. We. Can't. Even. (With Machu Picchu in the background, NBD.)

You Should Follow One Direction's Liam Payne On Instagram Now

Who are the celebrities you follow on Instagram, Candy Girls? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom!




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