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OMG! Taylor Swift Totes Adores Us All

Just in time for her concert tickets release this Friday, too.

At approximately 11 this morning, the official Taylor Swift Page on Facebook posted this status:

Taylor Swift on Facebook

Cue fangirl squeals. Did you like this status? Are you one of the thousands who shared it? Do you share the same thoughts and feelings as the other commenters?

We feel you. The ticket prices are a little bit higher than we expected (Confession: our budget is more in the General Admission range.) and we love Taylor, but we understand if you're having a hard time asking your parents for money. But you know what, in the spirit of YOLO and living in the spectacular now, here's why we think those Swiftickets are worth it.

  1. Taylor Swift is a Grammy Award-winner! Her album Fearless won four Grammy Awards including Album of the Year, making her the youngest to win the award. "Mean" from Speak Now also won 2 Grammys. Granted this is the RED tour, we're still hoping she'll throw in a few of her old hits in there.
  2. Imagine if she had a surprise guest. Okay, so this is a long shot, but wouldn't be amazing if you were in the audience when she calls out, let's say, Ed Sheeran to sing "Everything Has Changed" with her?
  3. You've loved her since forever. From Fearless to Speak Now and RED, you've been  a Swifty through and through. There's no way you're missing this year's show!

So promise your parents that you'll pay them back (do errands, babysit your younger siblings, anything that can earn you precious Taylor Swift concert tickets!) and we'll see you at the counters on Friday.





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