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New Stills From The Fault In Our Stars

Oh, be still our fangirl hearts.

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It is always a good day when we get news about The Fault In Our Stars, right? So we really dragged our butts out of bed on a Sunday morning to share these new stills from the movie we found in the Interwebs today. You can thank us later.

New Stills From The Fault In Our Stars
That's Hazel and Mrs. Lancaster in Amsterdam. Ah! Can't wait to see how Hazel looks in that dress!

New Stills From The Fault In Our Stars
Hazel and Gus during their Amsterdam date.

New Stills From The Fault In Our Stars

Can you guess which line from the book Gus is uttering here?

New Stills From The Fault In Our Stars
"Gus, I'm a grenade," Hazel tells him. Is it weird that we actually know which lines go with this still?

And we also hope you're following the movies official Facebook page. They've been sharing beautiful stills with quotes from the movie, like these two:

New Stills From The Fault In Our Stars

New Stills From The Fault In Our Stars

Okay? Okay.

We can't wait for the movie to hit theaters on June 5 here in the Philippines! In the meantime, we can watch Divergent this month (coming out on March 21) because Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley will also be in the film.

Are you a huge fan of TFIOS just like us, Candy Girls? Let's fangirl together! Tell us about your feelings in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We'd love to hear from you. :)




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