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In Light of Harry x Hermione: Who Else Could Have Been Endgame?

More feels in the aftermath of JKR's game-changing interview.

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So, Harry x Hermione shippers are not "delusional" after all. When J.K. Rowling reportedly said Harry and Hermione should've been endgame, I could almost hear Harmonians around the world say, WE TOLD YOU SO. WHO YOU CALLIN' DELUSIONAL NOW?

Personally, I was never invested in Harmony (Harry x Hermione) or Heron/Romione (Hermione x Ron) because the Marauders ran away with my 12-year-old heart when I devoured the first four books. And when you say Harry Potter, I don't associate it with love teams like I do with, say, Twilight. It was always about the magic and the adventure.

But I can understand the ship wars JKR reignited when she opened up to Emma Watson in a recent interview that was taken waaay out of context. The full story is here; the point is that "in some ways, Hermione and Harry are a better fit," but Hermione and Ron will "probably be fine... with a bit of counseling." At some point during the interview, JKR asks, "Am I breaking people's hearts by saying this?" Well, yeah, but she’s also semi-validating the feels of people who've defended Harmony for years.

It may be back to regular programming in the Potter verse, but the fanfic community must be having a field day with all these twists and turns. I remember spending summers reading HP fanfics and coming across some pretty outrageous crack ships but also ones that make perfect sense. So, in light of the Harmony that could've been, here are some of the most memorable non-canon pairs. (You know, not counting the possibility that they could have ended up with a Muggle or someone from a different school, or found a happily ever after all by their fabulous lonesome.)

1. Harry and Ron. From bromance to romance.

2. Remus and Sirius. Ditto. They were the last ones standing after all. Until Sirius died. And Remus followed him into the dark. Are we crying yet?

3. Hermione and Draco. They hate each other, but you know what they say about hate and love.

4. Ginny and Neville. These wallflowers turned rebellion leaders have a lot in common.

5. Lily and Severus. "After all this time?" "Always." I'm a staunch Lily and James shipper—they were my very first ship!—but that line gets me every time.





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