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Flashback Friday: Happy 13th Birthday, Lizzie McGuire!

How crazy is it that Hilary Duff's show is now a teenager? To celebrate, watch the first episode ever online!

It's been 13 years since Lizzie McGuire and her animated counterpart invaded our TV screens. Along with her buddies Miranda and Gordo, the show chronicled the 13-year-old's issues (the first episode was about her cheerleader dreams plus dealing with rumors in school) about fitting in and being popular, which pretty much still rings true today.

Has it ever happened to you? Missent texts, accidental mass messaging, and having it all blow up in your face. Maybe this time it's in the form of clicking on the wrong contact on Facebook messenger or tweeting someone instead of sending them a DM. Either way, we're pretty sure this episode will still be totes relatable.

In this first episode, Lizzie sends Miranda an IM about their classmate Kate and due to a glitch on Miranda's computer, it gets sent to their whole class! Instead of ratting out on Lizzie, though, Miranda takes the fall and gets the brunt of Kate's wrath. Oh, high school.

What would you do if you were in Lizzie's sitch? Let us know what you think after watching the episode!




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