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Best Ugly Cry Hour + More TV Awards

We're giving out Best Feels on the Floor, Best Accent, and more awards!
by Dyan Zarzuela, Council of Cool 9, Entertainment & Features Editor, TV & Movie Columnist
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December 19, 2013 02:00 pm

1. Best Feels on the Floor: Jacquie Lee on The Voice

(Also: Best GIF for hell week feels. "What else do you want from me???" There, there; it's almost over.)

2. Best Nonchalant (But Not Really) Admission of Feels: Sebastian to Carrie on The Carrie Diaries

I mean, why is he so good at this? SIGH.

3. Best Bloodline: Stephen (Arrow) and Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) on The CW

I'm all for Amellerific Amelltastic Amellsdays.


4. Best Post-Warbler Gig: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen (soon to be the Flash) on Arrow

He's so perfectly geeky and awkward. I'm ecstatic that he's getting his own show!

5. Best Unexpected Queen Bee: Ming on Awkward

Ming's reign may be over, but we'll always have the memory of those super blinged out snapbacks.

6. Best Accent: Elijah on The Originals

Only this original vampire can make OMG sound so dignified and sophisticated.

7. Best Slap: Nadia on The Vampire Diaries

It's not very Christmassy but if you found out that the mother you've been looking for for the past 500 years decided to off herself without saying goodbye, you’d be pissed too. (Or as Awkward’s Tamara would say: pissappointed—which wins Best New Word, beeteedubs.)

8. Best Ugly Cry Hour: Glee’s tribute to Finn/Cory

Who didn’t cry buckets while watching this episode? Even the most cynical wouldn’t have been able to hold back the tears. I hope you feel everyone’s love up there, Cory.

9. Best Wedding: Maya and Sir Chief on Be Careful with My Heart

I bet you, your friends, your mom, your titas, and everyone you know were this kilig when Maya and Sir Chief finally tied the knot.

via f*

10. Best Daily Feels: Chichay and Wacky on Got to Believe

Another good thing about the Christmas break? With all this free time, you’ll never have to miss an episode of G2B!
via f*

What awards would YOU give?

P.S. Stay tuned for the movie awards next week! 

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