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Awkward Couple Alert: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Ellen Degeneres and Jamie Foxx grill the couple on live TV!

This is why we love Ellen Degeneres. She has the ability to ask celebrities questions about their private lives without sounding invasive. Take the way she asked about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's lives, for example.

ICYMI, the stars of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were in the show recently to promote their movie. You'd think that with the three's professionalism, the talk would just be about the movie. That's where you're wrong. Watch the clip below to see how things take a drastic turn from profesh life to a Let's-Talk-About-Andew-and-Emma's-Lives moment. ROTFL!

Can't say we were surprised with the info, but it's super funny how the two got awkward when Ellen asked about the hotel arrangements during tours. For this, we'll forever love Jamie. We love that he joined in on the teasing that Ellen LOL-ed with surprise (and joy, for sure) when he did.

But wait, there's more. We haven't had enough yet. How about kissing scenes and chemistry?

Looks like we found Spider-Man's weakness. Andrew saying "Drop it!" made our day! Poor Ellen. But the way he squirmed and chugged coffee like he hasn't drunk anything for days were enough answers to the question. Good thing Emma was a bit more skillful when it comes to diverting conversations. But still, this moment spells awkward in neon colors. Isn't this couple the cutest?

We know you can't wait to watch them on the big screen together, and these clips just make waiting unbearable so we'll stop teasing.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on April 30.





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