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7 Posts From Nina Dobrev That'll Take You To Mystic Falls Right Away

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Don't you wish you can go on a trip to Mystic Falls and make friends with cute vampires and have fun with witches? We totes think that's not a very safe thing to do, though. Good thing The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev takes us behind the scenes of one of our favorite TV series from time to time, especially now that the TV show's on break.

1. This #FlashbackFriday photo of Elena and Alaric together will make you miss the show more. Don't you miss seeing Alaric putting his cool on, while saving the citizens of the town? Don't worry because it seems like he's going to be back for season 6.

2. Nina isn't sure if this is season 2's Katherine or if it's from another season. Care to help her?

3. What about an aging Katherine? She still looks gorgeous.

4. Remember when Katherine was pregnant in the 1400s? Watch season 5 and you'll meet her daughter and get to hang with her for a few episodes.

5. Are you missing one of your fave love triangles of all time?

6. Looks like Elena really missed her best friend, Bonnie, a.k.a. Kat Graham.

7. TBH, we really want to paste ourselves in this family portrait of the cast during this year's Comic-Con.

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