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7 Most Common Mistakes Fangirls Make

We understand that you just get carried away by your unconditional love for your fave celebs, but avoid making these mistakes okay?

1. Not reading about your fandom as often as you can...

7 Most Common Mistakes Fangirls Makevia

2. ...but then again, missing a few important details about your fave celebs isn't enough reason to beat yourself up or get upset with another fangirl for it. You all have a lot of things to do for school, so it's understandable if you can't find the time to read about them. Why don't you update each other instead? That will make fangirling easier and your friendship stronger.

7 Most Common Mistakes Fangirls Makevia

3. Using cruel words to address another fangirl. Your parents gave you beautiful names, use it. Besides, you don't want another person addressing you that way right?

7 Most Common Mistakes Fangirls Makevia

4. Acting like a know-it-all, especially when a "new" fangirl is around. Help each other be the best fangirl, ever. Show her the ropes. Being a fangirl is totes more fun when you do it with other fangirls.

7 Most Common Mistakes Fangirls Makevia

5. Getting into a fight with another fangirl because she likes another celeb. We all have different tastes and opinions about anything and everything, so being on different teams shouldn't be a problem.

7 Most Common Mistakes Fangirls Makevia

6. Not supporting your fave celeb's new ka-loveteam just because they're not your OTP. Ladies, you should support him no matter what career move he's making.

7 Most Common Mistakes Fangirls Makevia

7. Badmouthing a celeb just because you think they're in a rivalry with your fave celeb. One, this war is just going to make things awkward for the two celebs involved. And, two, your fave celeb won't want you being mean to anyone even if you're doing it for her. Be at peace with each other.

7 Most Common Mistakes Fangirls Makevia

Happy fangirling, Candy Girls!




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