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5 Times We Wished We Were A Slice Of Pizza At The Oscars

Or at least the delivery person who handed out the pizza!

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From viewing experience, you know that you go through a bag of chips, a bowl of popcorn, handfuls of various chocolate, and more whenever you watch an awards show. Can you imagine how famished these celebrities get when they have to sit through the whole thing in their slinky gowns and snazzy suits without any sustenance? So when Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza for everyone, you know that the happy smiles on those celebrities' faces are real and not at all acting!

Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep both want in on the action.

Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne enjoy a slice with the Tatums.

Won an Oscar? Celebrate with a pizza just like Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto—served by Ellen herself!

And before having a slice of his own, Brad Pitt distributes to the ladies.

Then of course he enjoys his own beside his lady.

Even Harrison Ford seems eager to have a bite.

Oh to be at the Oscars hanging out with these peeps. Now we just want a slice of pizza, too. Maybe Elsa is giving away some?





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