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5 Things You Missed Today (April 2)

Emma Roberts stars in the movie adaptation of James Franco's book—plus news about Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy, Chris Evans, Camila Cabello, Demi Lovato, and SNSD's Hyoyeon inside!

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Missing Emma Roberts? Well, the wait is over. Emma, together with James Franco, Nat Wolff, Keegan Allen, and Jack Kilmer, stars in the movie adaptation of James's book of short stories Palo Alto. Yes, girls, James is also a published author. Palo Alto is about high school life in America, and is directed by Gia Coppola (cousin of Sofia Coppola and niece of Francis Ford). The movie is set for release on May 9. Here's hoping it'll be shown in Philippine theaters, too.

5 Things You Missed Today (April 2)

When Jennette McCurdy went MIA during the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards, fans of TV series Sam & Cat confirmed that there's really tension between her and co-star Ariana Grande. Sam & Cat will be ending its first season soon, but no one knows if there'll be a second one since something's up between the two stars. A statement from the network also said that Jennette and Ariana really needed a break. "We are wrapping up what was an unusually long production cycle of Sam & Cat, and everyone is understandably tired,” they said. “We are going into our production hiatus next week which will give everyone on the show a much needed rest." We hope the two patch things up soon and get their much-needed vacay too.

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5 Things You Missed Today (April 2)Captain America hottie Chris Evans quashed rumors that he is planning to retire from acting once he has fulfilled his obligations with Marvel—which is after The Avengers 3 in 2017. But when he appeared in Good Morning America recently, Chris said that he has no plans on retiring. What he meant was that he just wanted to give more time to directing films since it really is something he's interested in. Good news, right? BTW, Chris's latest film Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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Aww, Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello is too sweet. Camila tweeted a sweet message to Demi Lovato recently where she reminisced about her X Factor audition and expressed her appreciation for the star. When Demi read it, she admitted that she got teary-eyed! Read Camila's touching message below.

5 Things You Missed Today (April 2)Girl's Generation member Hyoyeon has been dealing with ugly rumors lately. After she reportedly hit her friend because of a misunderstanding, talks of her wanting to end her life also came out. Hyoyeon's suicide mission reportedly happened before the attack, and she was planning on doing it because she was bullied by the other girls of the Korean girl group. However, the group's company SM Entertainment released a statement earlier saying they'll be taking legal action against people who are spreading these rumors about Hyoyeon.

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