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5 Collaborations We're Hoping Are On The New Taylor Swift Record

We're crossing our fingers that these collabs are on 1989!


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ICYMI, Taylor Swift already announced her new album, 1989 and revealed her first track ("Shake It Off") off the new record earlier today during her live stream! Who's excited? Of course, we are. So in celebration of her new album's announcement and her first pop record (is this a farewell to country music already? We hope not!), we're giving you a list of the 5 collaborations we wish are on 1989, which coming out on October 27. #MakeThisHappen

1. Ed Sheeran. Because their first one was so good, we think they just have to do it again. And since we're already dreaming big here, can we just say that we want these two to have a concert here... together? Somebody make this happen! Sorry, we just had to let that out.

2. Lorde. Since they've already explored a culinary collaboration already, we can't think of any reason why they can't do a musical one, too. Why don't they bring their work together out of the kitchen and into the world? And because according to superstitious belief it's bad to sing while cooking (or you'll end up spending the rest of your life alone!), they really have to do a song for 1989.

3. Ingrid Michaelson. Musician friends unite! Ingrid is one of T-Swizzle's BFFs, who also makes the best and wittiest songs. And we're actually wondering why a collaboration between these two ladies hasn't happened yet—it should happen ASAP.

4. Ellie Goulding. Wouldn't it be nice if these besties really did a song together for their studio albums—no, a cover doesn't count. We're not going to stop hoping for this collab to get real because you know what they say, anything could happen. In this case, this anything should happen.

5. Eminem. Tay said before that it would be nice to do a song with The Real Slim Shady. Although she admits that no one would want to hear her rap, we beg to disagree. Just listen to her rapping to "Lose Yourself" in this video taken during one of her concerts!

BTW, just a few hours after Tay debuted "Shake It Off," the track hit number 1 on iTunes! Can't say we're surprised. You can immediately download the song once you pre-order her 5th album, which is set for release this October.

Which artist would you want to hear singing with T-Swizzle on her next record, Candy Girls? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We love hearing from you. :)





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