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27 Times Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Were Perfect Together

One for every month they've been dating—as far as we know! We're counting from their very first kissy-kissy paparazzi photos.

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27 Times Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Were Perfect Together

I remember shipping Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone the second they were announced as the new Peter and Gwen in the Spider-Man reboot. It was such a perfect pairing, and of course it was the director of (500) Days of Summer who made it happen. I remember there were rumors of the two dating and photos of a post-dinner walk—they still understood the concept of personal space back then, so it was easy to dismiss the rumors as wishful thinking. But then they came out as a couple through a very PDA walk in NYC that the paparazzi dutifully documented in January 2012. Since then, they've been the source of the cutest and sweetest interviews and GIFs that compiling this list was a breeze—the only hard part was deciding which ones to take out! (I stuck to the most recent ones because there's A LOT from their latest press tour.) 

1. Whenever they look at each other. So much love.


2. Or when they check each other out not very discreetly. Whoa there, girl. Not that anyone can blame you—that's one cute guy on your arm.

3. Whenever they're touchy and cuddly on the red carpet.

4. When they were asked which animal they'd want to be and they had the same answer.

5. When they were proud of each other's little accomplishments, like Andrew's gymnastics stint.

6. Whenever they blur the line between the real and reel.

7. Whenever they, you know, "act."


8. When they couldn't contain their feels around each other.

9. When they called each other cute nicknames.

10. When they did the Bamboleo.

11. When they did this bit for the MTV Movie Awards.

12. Whenever they sing like they just don't curr.

13. When they broke it down with Jamie Foxx on Ellen.

14. When Jamie Foxx shipped them hard on Ellen.

15. Like, really hard.

16. When a spider mascot came to scare Jamie, and Andrew "protected" Emma by holding on to her knees.

17. When they admitted they've used someone else's toothbrush, and you immediately thought they were talking about each other.

18. When Andrew was showing off because Emma was right next to him.

19. When they were on each other's team.

20. When Andrew was familiar with Emma's tummy sitch.

21. When Andrew improvised this romantic kiss for the movie.



22. When Spidey did some cheesy skywriting for Gwen, and you thought Andrew would do it for Emma in a snap.

23. When they talked about Shailene Woodley's Mary Jane being cut out of the sequel. Andrew: "“It had nothing to do with Shailene or the scenes we shot. Nothing to do with anything aside from us realizing that there should only be one woman in Peter's life. And that woman is Gwen."

24. When Emma found out about Stonefield and she skillfully changed the topic. Sneaky!

25. When Emma was messing with Andrew at a press con and he just let her—even encouraged her.

26. Whenever Andrew's being a gentleman—which is like all the time. Totes squealing with this Instagrammer!

27. Whenever they interact with kids. Can you just imagine the cuteness overload when they have kids of their own?


It'll be all Disneyland dates and perfection. <3

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens on April 30. 





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