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20 Celebs We Want To Hang Out With This Summer Vacay

Summer vacay with these celebs won't suck, that we're sure of.

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Don't we all wish we can end up hanging out with our favorite celebrities this summer vacay? Ahhh! But we can dream a little dream, right? If we had our way, we'll surely spend most of our days with these celebs—drinking fruit shakes in fancy glasses, under the warmth of the sun.

1. Michelle Vito. With her great style, she can surely help us with ours. Plus, she can also teach us how to take great #OOTD photos.

20 Celebs We Want To Hang Out With This Summer Vacay 20 Celebs We Want To Hang Out With This Summer Vacay

2. Kathryn Bernardo. Just because we want to visit the set of She's Dating the Gangster and fangirl about her all day. Babysitting her cute niece Lhexine, while she's busy with work, doesn't sound bad either.

3. Daniel Padilla. Of course, if we want to hang out with Kathryn, we would also want to hang out with Daniel. They're a package deal, you know.

20 Celebs We Want To Hang Out With This Summer Vacay 20 Celebs We Want To Hang Out With This Summer Vacay

4. Janella Salvador. Eat lots of sweets with her and never feel guilty about it.

5. Janine Gutierrez. Go to the beach and ride the waves. Sunbathing with a good girl friend and having sun-kissed skin after are rad.

6. Elmo Magalona. Hang out with his family and learn valuable life lessons from them. They seem to be pretty tight and super protective of each other—which is a rare treat nowadays.

7. Julia Barretto. Get tips from her on how to have gorgeous locks, even when it's scorching heat outside and the sun tends to dry your hair.

8. Julia Montes. Do something meaningful with her, like helping those in need. Julia's big heart will surely inspire us to lend a hand.

9. Barbie Forteza. Keep our bodies in shape by learning how to surf. #YOLO

20 Celebs We Want To Hang Out With This Summer Vacay 20 Celebs We Want To Hang Out With This Summer Vacay

10. Bea Binene. Start training for wushu. Girls who kick butts are the prettiest.

11. Taylor Swift. Make something productive out of something destructive, like turn heartbreaks into works of art.


12. Selena Gomez. So we could give her unsolicited advice on what love is supposed to be. LOLJK! We just want to help her patch things up with ex-BFF Taylor Swift.


13. Theo James. Imagine having someone hold your waist 24/7. You'll probably feel protected all the time that you won't want to let go.


14. Jennifer Lawrence. Just because we're missing this cool girl a lot. Huhuhu!


15. Shailene Woodley. Let's learn how to live simply like she does. Ever heard of a person who makes their own toothpaste?


16. Ansel Elgort. We want to shoot adorkable Instagram videos with him. And who knows, he might give us tix to the premiere of The Fault In Our Stars this June?

20 Celebs We Want To Hang Out With This Summer Vacay 20 Celebs We Want To Hang Out With This Summer Vacay

17. Ed Sheeran. We want a good soundtrack this summer, and we totes think that this songwriter has cool taste when it comes to music. BTW, have you listened to his newest single yet? We think it's perfect for this weather.


18. One Direction. We would definitely love to join them on tour. Who doesn't?


19. Ian Somerhalder. Give us one good reason why we shouldn't want to spend summer vacay with this sexy guy.


20. Victoria Justice. Love the sun, and sing our hearts out while we're at it.


Who are the celebrities you want to hang out with this summer, Candy Girls? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom!




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